Probiotic Friendly Parfaits to Pretty your Table and Strengthen your Gut

Probiotic Friendly Parfaits to Pretty your Table and Strengthen your Gut


This is a follow-up to my previous post on probiotics. Tapping into the power of probiotics is important indeed and here are just a few delish ways of getting them into your system ! I  am sharing  some pretty perfect parfaits !  I love parfaits ! You can be so creative with them. Use Yogurt or Greek Yogurt as a base and add nuts, cereal, fruit, chocolate, honey, agave nectar or anything reasonably healthy ! I always believe a picture is worth a thousand words ! So here a few pictures of some awesome parfaits . No recipe cards. Just short descriptions ! I love playing with picnik, so created some jazzy frames for them 🙂


Orange Dream 

Creamy Greek yogurt with fresh orange sections tucked neatly into the yogurt with some orange zest make this a treat to die for ! Flavor yogurt with honey, agave nectar or some orange liqueur and garnish with mint !

Grape Sensation

Layer red grapes and black grapes with yogurt and cooked oatmeal to make a heart healthy treat that can be eaten anytime ! Sweeten yogurt with honey, agave nectar, stevia or just use vanilla yogurt !

Blueberry Bran 

Blend yogurt with fresh blueberries or blueberry juice and some honey, stevia or agave nectar to get a mild blueberry tasting yogurt. You can also use store-bought blueberry yogurt. Layer with bran flakes and fresh blueberries for a high fiber brain boosting treat ! This is one of my personal favorites !

Dark Chocolate Strawberry

Well, you know how they say, you save the best for the last. This is it ! Creamy yogurt layered with fresh strawberries and topped with chips of dark chocolate and a dollop of cream make this a heavenly treat ! Infuse the parfait with chocolate or strawberry flavored liqueur for a truly decadent treat !!


I have shared some of my favorites with you, but be as creative as you want. Make pretty parfaits that your friends and family will love ! Never mind that they are also getting a healthy dose of probiotics, calcium and Vitamin D  🙂

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