Pomegranate: Powerful Protection For The Diabetic Heart

Colorful pomegranates

Can Diabetics Drink Pomegranate Juice? November is National diabetes month and I wanted to write a post on diabetes and nutrition before the month speeds by. I have been asked this question by readers and I thought I would address it! Can diabetics drink pomegranate juice ? Pomegranate is a delicious way to get antioxidants […]

Quinoa Almond Coconut Cookies For World Diabetes Day #GlutenFree

quinoa cookies

    Quinoa cookies sweetened with applesauce topped with almond and coconut flakes make a decadent treat ! These all natural quinoa cookies are moist, chunky and melt in mouth delish ! Would you believe they are diabetic friendly ? Of yes they are ! They are Low GI ( Glycemic Index ) quinoa cookies […]

15 Healthy Snack Foods For Diabetics

snacks for diabetics

  If you’re a diabetic or pre diabetic you’ve  probably been advised by your doctor or dietitian  that you need to eat snacks in-between your meals. If there’s anyone in this world who has to keep an eye on what they are eating,  it’s  got to be a diabetic.  Snacks  have to be a part […]

Outsmart Diabetes With The Sugar Blocker’s Diet

sugarblockers diet

    I’ll admit when I heard about the ‘Sugar Blocker’s Diet”  where you can eat carbs like pasta and dessert and still have good sugar levels I was intrigued. So I read about it and am convinced that it’s quite sound ! This diet was developed by Rob Thompson, MD, a preventive cardiologist who used it […]

The Sweet Truth about Sugar Substitutes


    Continuing with the A- Z Blogging Challenge and am blogging the letter S. Ah! my chance to rant about sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners.  Do I use sugar substitutes ? Yes ! I do and here’s why . I have  a sweet tooth and cannot pass up dessert  so I get a fair […]