Health Benefits Of The Fabulous Flax ! Feed Into It !

Flax Seed and Flaxseed oil

I incorporated Flax into my routine a few years back and that  is possibly one of the best practices I could have done for myself health-wise! Flax seed and Flax oil  are both super foods and I use them both in my diet regularly. There are so many benefits to it and I love flax […]

Heartburn HELP & A Soothing Heartburn Drink


HEARTBURN !!  Just like heartbreak, we’ve all suffered from it, at some time or the other. After a heavy spicy, greasy meal or that late night warm, gooey pepperoni pizza; your digestive system kicks in!  You get the burning pangs of discomfort and pain in the middle of the chest. Heartburn typically strikes after meals and can […]

Nutritious Nuts : Cracking Their Health Benefits

Collage from tasty nuts

      Woo Hoo ! I have reached the letter N in the A- Z  blogging challenge  and I must admit , this challenge is driving me a little nuts trying to think of topics for each alphabet. So NUTS it is ! Roast them, salt them, blanch them, butter them or just eat […]