How Is Your Diet Affecting Your Oral Health?

dental foods

    Guest Post written by Rory Mycek of Top Dentists, a dental health site in the Everyday Health portfolio. There are so many fad diets and lifestyle trends floating around these days, but what’s truly healthy? While these diets lead to a slimmer waistline, and in some cases very dramatic weight loss, they can […]

Nutrition, Supplements and Weight Loss


    Guest post by Sandra Goldstein Losing weight is one the toughest journey’s any of us can go through in this life, and most people have to take the journey at least one time in their lives. As they say, nothing worth doing is easy, but we are confident that if you put your […]

Eat Your Way To Good Hair by @ClinicalPosters


Feed Your Hair Through Your Mouth Shampoos and conditioners have their place but your hair really needs a good meal. By Kevin R.R. Williams I am pleased to have Kevin Williams from guest post on my blog.  Kevin is no stranger to my blog and has guest posted before.  A seasoned vegetarian, writer and […]

5 Tips For Eating Healthy On A Budget


I am pleased to have Steven Madison, a personal trainer and fitness expert  guest post on my blog today. Useful information here on “Eating Healthy” without breaking the bank!  Now over to Steve.   Healthy eating is important in life. Although it’s usually a lot easier to swallow down a lot of junk food and […]

How To Serve Great Vegetarian Food by @ClinicalPosters


I am pleased to have a guest post by Kevin Williams from Kevin is a well seasoned vegetarian with a taste for “Fine Cuisine!” If you’re not already following him on Twitter or his health blog, you may want to. He has many awesome healthy foodie tips and recipes up his sleeve! Now, over to Kevin! Vegetarian prowl for fine dining. by Kevin Williams Twice daily, my cats […]

Shrimp Ceviche To Woo Mom by @DaddysinCharge #SundaySupper

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  My Sunday Supper team is giving ‘ All ‘moms a break ! So we have a ‘Guys can Cook’ theme for Mother’s day.  Love the idea especially  since I know how it feels to have my husband cook that occasional meal even if it’s slightly burnt 😉  I was looking for a daddy blogger […]

Way Powerful Undenatured Whey Protein by @RenegadeDad

Strawberry shake

  Continuing with the A-Z blogging challenge and I got stuck with the letter U. I just checked with  fellow health nut and  twitter buddy Tim Murphy if he had any ideas.  He suggested ‘Undenatured Whey Protein’. Since he’s quite the expert on whey and protein shakes, I asked him if he could do a […]