Homemade Sorrel : The Feel Good Anti Stress Drink


  A little while back I got hooked on sorrel, a red Jamaican drink made from sorrel leaves, ginger and spice! There was this little health cafe near my old place of work in DC and I walked up there often to get a glass for $5.00. It is a soothing, calming drink that naturally […]

Medicine Cabinet Makeover! Natural Ingredients to Ease Indigestion!


Medicine Cabinet Makeover! Natural Ingredients to Ease Indigestion! That uncomfortable full feeling you get in your gut when you eat a heavy meal is generally a symptom of indigestion. Some of the symptoms include frequent belching, nausea, heartburn, stomach pain and general discomfort in the belly. All of us have had it at some time […]

Beat Holiday Bloat with Cran Water

Cran Water-2

  Cran water! My magic potion to breezing through the holidays without packing on too many extra pounds!  From Thanksgiving, through Christmas to New Year it’s party city!  Now who wants to deprive themselves of all that good stuff?  Not me!! A habit I always practice religiously through the holidays is drinking cran water. This […]

Ginger Mint Turmeric Tea to Heal a Cold

Ginger Mint Turmeric Tea-1-2

All natural turmeric tea with fresh ginger, lemon and mint is a soothing concoction that I cook up when I feel stuffy and congested.  Fall is here and so are the sniffles and dry scratchy throats. Taking meds for fall allergies is not my favorite remedy. I usually try natural methods and this turmeric tea […]

Natural Foods That Ease & Heal A Sore Throat

sore throat foods

    It’s that time of the year again when the dry itchy feeling in the throat happens. I started mine 2 days back  and I hate taking meds unless I have to. My first choice is always giving natural foods a try.  I pulled out all those foods I usually double up on when […]

Nutrition To Boost Thyroid Function #ThyroidAwarenessMonth

thyroid foods

  Thyroid Nutrition ! Can nutrition affect your thyroid ? January is thyroid awareness month ! As with virtually every bodily function, your diet plays a role in the health of your thyroid. There are some specific nutrients that our thyroid depends on and it’s important to include them in our diet ! On the flip […]

Anti- Inflammatory Foods That Help Arthritis


  Foods that help arthritis ! Arthritis hits 1 in every  5 grown ups !  Can foods cure arthritis ? Unfortunately not, but there are some foods that can make the condition less painful. Knowing what these foods  are and making small changes in the diet can yield BIG rewards and improve quality of life.  It can […]

Fight Flu Naturally With Raw Garlic & Ways To Eat Raw Garlic


Does the thought of eating raw garlic make you go ewwww ?  Think again!  Garlic is one of the most ancient medicinal foods in the world and the number one natural remedy to fight flu. You just need to find some creative ways to eat raw garlic. Why raw ?? Garlic is rich in compounds called […]

Foods That May Prevent Alzheimer’s

alzheimer's foods

Foods that may prevent Alzheimer’s ! Are there such foods ? November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month !  We just had a friend whose mom died of Alzheimer’s this week.  The funeral is tomorrow, so this post is dear to my heart. Like every other disease , some people are more prone to  Alzheimer’s than others.  Genetic […]

Ginger : Health Benefits & Creative Uses in Recipes!


  Aromatic, pungent and spicy ginger adds a special flavor and zest to any dish.  An extraordinary spice with health benefits! Fresh ginger root is available year round in the produce section of your local market.  Technically ginger is a herb. The rhizome (underground stem) is used as a culinary spice and also as a medicine. […]