Quinoa Chickpea Soup With Roasted Garlic & Veggies #SundaySupper

Chickpea soup-0760

  Rustic quinoa chickpea soup bursting with the flavor of roasted veggies, laced with herbs, fresh ginger and garlic! I am not kidding when I say I could eat this soup everyday… well almost everyday ! This quinoa chickpea soup is a meal in itself: healthy fat, protein,carbs and veggies! You don’t need anything else […]

Sweet Potato Quinoa Chili #SundaySupper #GlutenFree

Sweet potato quinoa chili-0353

Hearty sweet potato quinoa chili packed with beans, fiber and other good stuff! I love chili and this one is a hot favorite. Drizzled with some coconut milk it can transform into a creamy chili. Eat it plain or with coconut milk, it’s a filling treat either way. My Sunday Supper team is doing a […]

Benefits Of Mushrooms & Creamy Raw Mushroom Soup

mushroom soup1

Creamy raw mushroom soup made with fresh mushrooms, almond milk, fresh herbs & pepper! If the idea of drinking a raw mushroom soup had you recoiling, I’m just going to say: you have to try it to believe it! It’s satisfying, delicious and feels so good ! It has more flavor than any canned or […]

Curried Butternut Squash Soup With Fresh Herbs & Coconut Oil

butternut squash soup 1

  Spicy Curried butternut squash soup laced with coconut oil makes a warm comforting meal. I have been on a soup spree the last couple of days and yesterday I whipped up a batch of curried butternut squash soup with fresh herbs, spices that had my home smelling all warm and fuzzy! It’s very easy […]

Okra Shrimp Gumbo With Coconut Oil #SundaySupper

Shrimp gumbo

Hearty Okra Shrimp Gumbo with Coconut oil and Veggies is comfort soup to me. I have eaten this at a seafood restaurant  and loved all the flavors mingled in this soup. So when my Sunday Supper team decided to do Soup theme I knew I had to make Shrimp Gumbo ! I recreated the soup […]

Chicken Leek Soup With Garlic & Coconut Oil To Fight The Flu

chicken leek soup 2

  Chunky chicken leek soup with the goodness of fresh garlic, spinach & just a dash of coconut oil is an old fashioned remedy for fighting off a cold or the flu. In the old days when they did not rely on medicine as much, chicken soup was the doctor’s prescription for fighting flu and […]

Roasted Cranberry Beet Borscht ( Soup) Shooters

cranberry beet borsch

    Cranberries and beets are roasted with ginger, garlic & onions to make this festive Cranberry Beet Borscht bursting with antioxidants & good stuff!  This was a recipe I had planned to share for the last #SundaySupper, but I was not able to post, so I thought I would share it now. Borscht is […]

Immune Boosting Creamy Cauliflower Soup Spiked With Coconut Oil & Cayenne #DairyFree

cauliflower soup

  Dairy free creamy cauliflower soup with coconut milk and garlic. Spike this soup with a little coconut oil and some cayenne pepper and you have a healthy nourishing creamy cauliflower soup that boosts the immune system and brings warm comfort. I had an extra head of  cauliflower last week and found myself craving a […]

Peppery Mulligatawny Soup With Fresh Tomatoes & Cilantro #SundaySupper

mulligatawny soup 1

    Spicy peppery mulligatawny soup made with fresh tomatoes and cilantro spiked with spices is comfort food to me ! When my Sunday Supper team decided to do a ” Dishes That Keep You Warm” theme, I knew just the dish I wanted to make. Mulligatawny soup, a popular soup with the ‘ Soup […]

Rustic Roasted Tomato Garlic Soup Loaded With Lycopene

tomato soup

  Ripe tomatoes roasted, blended with garlic, onion and spiked with coconut oil make a warm spicy rustic tomato soup.  Perfect for that cold day when you are stuck indoors and craving comfort food. The second day of ‘Sandy’ and everyone was craving soup. Tomato soup is always popular in my home, but I usually […]