Eat Your Way To Good Hair by @ClinicalPosters


Feed Your Hair Through Your Mouth Shampoos and conditioners have their place but your hair really needs a good meal. By Kevin R.R. Williams I am pleased to have Kevin Williams from guest post on my blog.  Kevin is no stranger to my blog and has guest posted before.  A seasoned vegetarian, writer and […]

Edible Sunscreen ! Foods That May Protect You From Sunburn & Skin Cancer

Still Life on grass

Sunscreen is not just to prevent sunburn. More importantly, it protects against skin cancer which is one of the common types of  cancer these days.  It only takes one severe sunburn to potentially double your child’s chances of getting melanoma later in life. My kids hated sunscreen when they were little.  Now as they are older they […]

Resveratrol : Benefits of Red Wine in a Pill

Glass and bottle of red wine

    I ‘m still in the A-Z  Blogging challenge  and blogging the letter R.  One of my favorite R topics is Reseveratrol the potent red wine pill which has all the heart healthy benefits of wine. Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant found in high concentrations on grape skins from which it is extracted. To get […]

Juicing Benefits & Some Nutritious Juice Combos To Energize Your Day !


      Juicing  Benefits!! A – Z  Blogging Challenge and am blogging the letter J.  I love juicing so naturally chose it for my J 🙂 I got into juicing a few years back and although I am not too consistent with it these days due to my busy schedule I see huge juicing […]

Vitamin D Deficiency is the New Black ! Supplement vs Food Source

Vitamin oil capsules

    My fourth day into the A- Z blogging challenge and am blogging the letter D. What better topic to blog about than Vitamin D ? When I was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency, I was quite surprised. I soak up the sun to get my D rays and am quite conscientious about drinking […]