Homemade Sorrel : The Feel Good Anti Stress Drink


  A little while back I got hooked on sorrel, a red Jamaican drink made from sorrel leaves, ginger and spice! There was this little health cafe near my old place of work in DC and I walked up there often to get a glass for $5.00. It is a soothing, calming drink that naturally […]

Curried Butternut Squash Soup With Fresh Herbs & Coconut Oil

butternut squash soup 1

  Spicy Curried butternut squash soup laced with coconut oil makes a warm comforting meal. I have been on a soup spree the last couple of days and yesterday I whipped up a batch of curried butternut squash soup with fresh herbs, spices that had my home smelling all warm and fuzzy! It’s very easy […]

Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Mousse With Coconut Cream #SundaySupper

dark chocolate mousse

Rich Creamy Dark Chocolate Mousse infused with pomegranate topped with some pomegranate seeds is a decadent dessert indeed! The fact that I used coconut cream only makes this even more decadent and actually healthy. If you’ve never dabbled with coconut cream, you must give it a try. Wholesome all natural coconut cream adds a unique […]

Heartburn HELP & A Soothing Heartburn Drink


HEARTBURN !!  Just like heartbreak, we’ve all suffered from it, at some time or the other. After a heavy spicy, greasy meal or that late night warm, gooey pepperoni pizza; your digestive system kicks in!  You get the burning pangs of discomfort and pain in the middle of the chest. Heartburn typically strikes after meals and can […]

Outsmart Diabetes With The Sugar Blocker’s Diet

sugarblockers diet

    I’ll admit when I heard about the ‘Sugar Blocker’s Diet”  where you can eat carbs like pasta and dessert and still have good sugar levels I was intrigued. So I read about it and am convinced that it’s quite sound ! This diet was developed by Rob Thompson, MD, a preventive cardiologist who used it […]

One Year Blogversary & My Favorite Foodie Creation

Birthday cake with mixed fruits on the top

  I was taking a little blogcation and then suddenly realized I just passed my first Blog anniversary. Have to break my blogaction for that! It’s been one year and three days from the day I started Sue’s Nutrition Buzz. I’m not quite sure why I started blogging, but I know it had something to do with me wanting to unleash some Nutrition […]

Smoothie Central: For The Jazziest Nutrient Spiked Recipes Ever !

Different Smoothies

      I am super excited to launch a new page on my blog called ‘ Smoothie Central‘. For a few months I have had requests from my clients for healthy smoothies that taste good. I consider myself the queen of smoothies!! Bragging rights :  My family who are my greatest critics think I […]

Stress Attack ! Try These Stress Busting Foods !

Different berries in bowls.

   The Food Brain Connection: Are you stressed? Join the Stress Club! Everyone goes through some level of stress and while there are different ways of coping with it, food is one of them. When you are over whelmed with stress do you find yourself drinking too much coffee, skipping meals , forgetting water, eating […]

Immunity Boosters to COLD-PROOF Your Winter


    This may seem like a mild winter, but the colds and sniffles are still lurking around. Am going to share with you some sneaky culprits that can bust your immunity and make you more prone to colds and coughs. Also going to share some tried and tested strategies to boost your immunity to colds […]

Creaky Joints ? Super Foods to Ease Arthritis !

Painful hand joints

  ” FOOD isn’t a panacea, but can make joints healthier ” – Leslie Bonci, R.D., director of sports Nutrition in the Dept of Orthopedic surgery at the university of Pittsburg.   Arthritis hits 1 in every  5 grown ups !  Can foods cure arthritis ? Unfortunately not, but there are some foods that can make the […]