Coconut Cream Mango Mousse #SundaySupper

coconut cream Mango Mousse-9075

  Creamy mango mousse made with ripe mangoes and coconut cream! It finally feels like Spring and ripe juicy mangoes are here! I love mangoes!! My grandma’s home in India had 2 mango trees and I have pleasant childhood memories of climbing them every summer to grab some fruit. We also had the mango guy […]

Roasted Salmon Lettuce Wraps with Mango Salsa #WeekdaySupper

salmon lettuce wraps-4

Salmon lettuce wraps stuffed with mango salsa. Light, healthy and filling, this meal is perfect for the day before a feast or a holiday.  I am participating in weekday supper this week and since it’s the day before Christmas, I wanted to make some light fare that did not require too much effort. A perfect […]

Hot & Sweet Green Mango Chutney #SundaySupper

Mango chutney4

Green Mango chutney that is savory & sweet ! Chunky Mango Chutney with coconut oil, sesame seeds, chili and a touch of brown sugar.  My Sunday Supper team is doing a Mother’s Day special to honor the moms in our lives. Such a great idea !! My mom is very special to me and  I […]

Mango Aqua Fresca With Chia Seeds #SundaySupper

Mango Aquafresca

Light refreshing mango aqua fresca infused with mint and lemon makes a cool refreshing summer cooler. Add some chia seeds to turn it into a super healthy treat!  My Sunday Supper team is doing a Cinco de Mayo (Mexican Independence Day) theme and I jumped in with my favorite drink: Mango Aqua Fresca!  A cross […]

Tangy Lemon Rice With Fresh Mango & Roasted Cashew #SundaySupper

lemon rice 3

  Tangy lemon rice with fresh mango & roasted cashews make a savory summer side!  My Sunday Supper group is celebrating March 31, Citrus day with a “Citrus theme “ hosted by the colorful and creative author of Jaunita’s Cocina and I jumped right in with my lemon rice. I love anything lime and lemony […]

Avocado Mango Madness ! Dessert & Brainfood In A Glass

Avocado smoothie 1

  Creamy avocado mango smoothie with some spinach makes a green drink that is dessert in a glass!! It’s my favorite green drink combo and doubles as a creamy dessert!! Packed with serious brain food and good stuff it’s one of those drinks that you feel like making again! Seriously you won’t say Eww to […]

Coconut Water Smoothies as Sport Drinks Are The New Black

coconut water smoothies 2

    Cool coconut water blended with some fruit can be a great sports drink. Did you know that?  Yep! You can ditch the Gatorade and other sugary sports drink and get your hydration from all natural coconut water. Nature’s all natural sports drink !  I used Vita Coco coconut water to make my smoothies. […]

Zippy High Fiber Chipotle Shrimp Mango Tostadas #SundaySupper


    Loads of ripe mango and avocado piled on a tostada. Add some zippy corn black bean salsa and some lettuce to this and you have a healthy treat packed with fiber and antioxidants. Add some chipotle lime shrimp and you have a complete meal.  My #SundaySupper team is celebrating Mexican Independence Day and […]