High Fiber Zucchini Lentil Fritters #SundaySupper

Fried zucchini

    Blogging the last letter in my A-Z blogging challenge ! Yay ! Such a feeling to have finally finished !!!! There are not too many Z  foodie words that I can blog about but there’s always Zucchini.  My #SundaySupper group is doing a herb veggie theme so I thought Zucchini would fit right […]

Fiber Bars vs Fiber Foods : Which Should You Choose ?

Granola bars

Day 6 of the A – Z blogging challenge and I am blogging the letter F. I thought I would blog about my pet peeve ‘ Fiber’. I call it my pet peeve because I’m always wondering if my family, clients and myself are getting enough fiber in our diet. American Cancer Institute recommends 25 […]

Curicumin Power in Spicy Curried Chickpeas #HighFiber


    Day three of the A-Z Challenge and I am still going strong . I am blogging  the letter C and writing about one of my favorite spices curicumin aka turmeric ! The power of this ancient yellow spice is becoming a trend. From Alziemrs to cancers curicumin seems to be the cure. I […]

Mutter Paneer – Creamy Roasted Ricotta with Peas & Tomatoes #SundaySupper


  Ever walked into an Indian restaurant and tasted this creamy dish with peas and chunks of cheese floating in a sauce made with tomatoes ? It is to die for ! I created a healthier version of it by adding olive oil instead of  butter and greek yogurt  instead of cream. Just as tasty […]

Squash and Pepper: A High Fiber match made in Heaven

Pumpkin or squash soup in a bowl

I was browsing around the aisles at Trader Joe’s and picked up a carton of their ‘Squash and Roasted Pepper Soup’. Simply delicious, but at almost $4.00 / carton and only four servings, that’s not very cost-effective for me and my family of four. I can easily consume 4 servings in one meal. So I decided to recreate and […]