Beat Holiday Bloat with Cran Water

Cran Water-2

  Cran water! My magic potion to breezing through the holidays without packing on too many extra pounds!  From Thanksgiving, through Christmas to New Year it’s party city!  Now who wants to deprive themselves of all that good stuff?  Not me!! A habit I always practice religiously through the holidays is drinking cran water. This […]

Fat Flush Grapefruit Cucumber Parsley Vitamin Water

vitamin water

  Homemade vitamin water is getting very popular! Ditch those pricey bottles and just dunk some fruit, veggies, herbs to create your own custom all natural vitamin water! You can’t beat the price and it tastes super fresh and delish! The possibilities of vitamin water combinations are endless and you can check out some of my […]

Easy 3 Day Detox Plan To Recharge & Rejuvenate Your System


    Image in collage courtesy of  Ambro/ Feeling lethargic, tired, and sluggish? You may be suffering from “After Holiday Syndrome” If you’ve slacked on your workouts, skimped on sleep and stuffed yourself during the holiday season, a detox may be just what you need to get back on track. To read my easy to […]

You’ll Eat Up These Natural Remedies For Migraines

migraine remedies

  Seeking relief from throbbing migraine headaches?You’re not alone !  Migraine headaches usually are described as intense, throbbing or pounding pain that involves one temple. (Sometimes the pain is located in the forehead, around the eye, or at the back of the head). Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, facial pallor, cold hands, cold feet, and sensitivity to light and sound commonly […]

Can Changing Your Diet Help Your Migraines ? Know Your Food Triggers !


  Personally I have never suffered from migraines.  Headaches, Yes! But not the shooting pain that comes with migraines.  I do have friends & relatives who suffer from migraines and have on occasion doled out ” food advice”.  There are many triggers  for migraine including noise, stress, body chemistry, genetics, external toxins  etc and food […]

Juicing Benefits & Some Nutritious Juice Combos To Energize Your Day !


      Juicing  Benefits!! A – Z  Blogging Challenge and am blogging the letter J.  I love juicing so naturally chose it for my J 🙂 I got into juicing a few years back and although I am not too consistent with it these days due to my busy schedule I see huge juicing […]

Feeling Sluggish ? Turn On Detox, Drop Pounds and Rejuvenate

Herbal green tea

  If you Loaded up on every type of  dessert and wine, Slacked on your workout, Skimped on sleep and Stuffed yourself just like the Turkey this Holiday season a Detox may be just what you need to get back on track for the new year. Since I am horribly guilty of the above especially […]