Home-Made Fruit Veggie Wash That Costs Cents To Make!

DIY FruitVeggie Spray

  All Natural Homemade Fruit Veggie Wash! Do you need a fruit/veggie wash? If you’re purchasing all organic produce, probably not, but if you buy most fruits and veggies from a super market you could use a fruit/veggie spray. The spray/ wash effectively take off pesticide and fertilizer residue making the produce safer for consumption. […]

Quick & Easy Rice Pilaf With More Veggies Than Rice #IndianRecipes Made Easy

veggie rice pilaf1

    Veggie rice pilaf with more veggies than rice makes a healthy high fiber easy weeknight dish. I made a huge batch for a potluck at work today and it’s one of the easiest dishes I know how to make. I am not a huge fan of rice nutrition and health wise since it […]

How To Serve Great Vegetarian Food by @ClinicalPosters


I am pleased to have a guest post by Kevin Williams from ClinicalPosters.com. Kevin is a well seasoned vegetarian with a taste for “Fine Cuisine!” If you’re not already following him on Twitter or his health blog, you may want to. He has many awesome healthy foodie tips and recipes up his sleeve! Now, over to Kevin! Vegetarian prowl for fine dining. by Kevin Williams Twice daily, my cats […]

Crispy Golden Cauliflower Popcorn With A Hint Of Mrs Dash

Roasted Cauliflower

    Getting my kids to eat veggies is quite a task, but there are a couple of veggie dishes they will gobble down. This is one of them. I call this a  heart healthy recipe courtesy of the monounsaturated(good for heart fats) loaded Olive oil and Mrs Dash ( salt free seasonings) . No one in my nest of four […]