Avocado Deviled Eggs With Roasted Garlic #SundaySupper

avocado deviled eggs

Avocado deviled eggs with roasted garlic makes a creamy yummy appetizer or side. If you love garlic and avocado you will love this combo. My Sunday Supper team is having a virtual Labor Day celebration and I am bringing my avocado deviled eggs . I love Labor Day which is a tribute to people who […]

Avocado Mango Madness ! Dessert & Brainfood In A Glass

Avocado smoothie 1

  Creamy avocado mango smoothie with some spinach makes a green drink that is dessert in a glass!! It’s my favorite green drink combo and doubles as a creamy dessert!! Packed with serious brain food and good stuff it’s one of those drinks that you feel like making again! Seriously you won’t say Eww to […]

Zippy High Fiber Chipotle Shrimp Mango Tostadas #SundaySupper


    Loads of ripe mango and avocado piled on a tostada. Add some zippy corn black bean salsa and some lettuce to this and you have a healthy treat packed with fiber and antioxidants. Add some chipotle lime shrimp and you have a complete meal.  My #SundaySupper team is celebrating Mexican Independence Day and […]

High Fiber Avocado Ginger Chickpea Wontons with Mint Yogurt #SundaySupper


  I am  participating in #SundaySupper again and the theme is anything green.  Decided to make  green wontons. Creamy  spicy avocado and chickpeas with a touch of ginger and lime stuffed into a wonton is GREEN DELISH !  Well,  I wanted to make egg rolls at first, but couldn’t get the wrap at the store, […]