Carrot Milk with Fresh Carrot Juice and Coconut Milk


  Carrot Milk! A blend of fresh cold pressed carrot juice and fresh coconut milk  makes a heady, healthy cocktail that is good for you!  Fresh pressed carrot juice is brimming with nutrients and when combined with the healthy fat in coconut milk, gets absorbed better making it twice as potent as plain carrot juice!  […]

Coconut Rice Pilaf With Peas & Fresh Herbs #WeekdaySupper

coconut rice pilaf

  Coconut Rice Pilaf bursting with sweet peas and fresh herbs! This exotic dish will transport you right to the tropics and fill your senses with everything good! My sincere apologies on my lack of blogging. This year has been crazy: Kid’s stuff, work stuff, other stuff and I am finding it so hard to […]

One Pot Coconut Rice Shrimp Pilaf #SundaySupper

shrimp pilaf

Shrimp Pilaf!  Basmati rice simmered in coconut milk with some shrimp and veggies thrown in makes a yummy easy one pot meal! My Sunday Supper team is doing a ‘one pot dish’ theme and I decided to make my shrimp pilaf. I love one pot dishes and when I make a one pot dish I […]

Creamy Coconut Milk Chai Latte


Coconut Milk Chai laced with ginger and some spices make an aromatic cup of tea! Home brewed chai tastes fresh and can be tailored to taste.  Switch up milk with coconut milk to get a creamy cup of dairy free, vegan coconut milk chai. When I think about chai it conjures up so many memories […]

Classic Hummus Made Creamier With Coconut Milk


  Take classic homemade hummus and make it creamier by adding coconut milk. Hummus is one of my favorite dips and I love making it at home. I have a heart healthy walnut sesame version, a roasted red pepper three bean hummus and I am planning a Paleo cashew coconut hummus soon.  However, my classic […]

Coconut Water Smoothies as Sport Drinks Are The New Black

coconut water smoothies 2

    Cool coconut water blended with some fruit can be a great sports drink. Did you know that?  Yep! You can ditch the Gatorade and other sugary sports drink and get your hydration from all natural coconut water. Nature’s all natural sports drink !  I used Vita Coco coconut water to make my smoothies. […]

Light & Healthy Coconut Rice Pilaf made with @VitaCoco Coconut Water

coconut rice pilaf with vegs

    Savory coconut rice pilaf bursting with an exotic coconut flavor will transport you right to the tropics or the Caribbean !  This coconut pilaf is bursting with coconut in so many ways. Let’s see, there’s coconut water, coconut milk,  coconut flakes and coconut oil ! How much more coconut can you get ? […]

Quick N Easy Thai Coconut Shrimp Stir Fry Loaded With Veggies #SundaySupper


I was super excited when my #SundaySupper team decided to do a “ Back To School Meals” theme this week.  Being a busy working mom I need ideas and all the help I can get  to put together quick and easy healthy meals on the table. I can’t wait to visit all the participating blogs […]

Going Nuts Over Coconut Milk ! Health Benefits & More


Growing up as a child , I remember eating curries make with coconut milk and drinking coconut water.  The old school of thought was that coconut was loaded with fat and hence coconut milk should be used sparingly. Fast forward….now  coconut milk is quickly becoming the new ‘Health Craze’ and  the same fat is considered […]

Kheer : Healthy Creamy Rice Pudding with Coconut Milk, Dates & Nuts #SundaySupper

Bowl of Saffron Pistachio and Coconut Rice Pudding

  I am doing a triple challenge today ! First, blogging the letter K for Kheer ( Indian name for a creamy rice pudding) as part of the A-Z Blogging challenge. Second, I am participating in Sunday Supper and the theme is  ” April Showers” as in creations you would serve at a shower and […]