Savory Salted Cumin Mint Lassi With Greek Yogurt #SundaySupper


  Refreshing, cool yogurt lassi with a hint of salt, cumin and mint makes a hydrating summer cooler.  My Sunday Supper team is doing a Summer chilling theme and I am making my cumin lassi. I grew up in India where summers were 90 degrees and air conditioning was rare. We has to find ways […]

Skinny Fettuccine Alfredo With Greek Yogurt & Coconut Oil #SundaySupper

fettuccine Alfredo

  Creamy skinny Fettuccine Alfredo with Greek yogurt & coconut oil makes a high protein calcium packed dish! It tastes so creamy and rich I can’t believe it’s actually a healthy Fettuccine Alfredo!  My Sunday Supper team is going skinny this week!!  I love that!  Sssh don’t tell my family, but I love to skinnify […]

Grilled Mango Parfait With Greek Yogurt & Toasted Almonds #SundaySupper

grilled mango parfait2

Ripe mangoes brushed with coconut oil are grilled, then  layered  with creamy Greek  Yogurt and toasted slivered almonds ! Rich, yummy, healthy dessert that can fix even the most serious sweet tooth!  My #SundaySupper team is doing a ” five ingredient or less dish” theme and frankly, I found this a little challenging. Not because I don’t […]

Chicken Kebab Wrap With Grilled Veggies & Tahini Sauce #SundaySupper

kebab wrap

    My #SundaySupper team is working with Katie workman, author of “100 recipes every mom should have”   to bring you easy back to school recipes.  Katie’s book has fabulous ideas and you should check it out !!  She has some great suggestions for easy yummy  lunch box wraps. I have never made serious wraps […]

Probiotic Friendly Parfaits to Pretty your Table and Strengthen your Gut

Mint yogurt with oranges

  This is a follow-up to my previous post on probiotics. Tapping into the power of probiotics is important indeed and here are just a few delish ways of getting them into your system ! I  am sharing  some pretty perfect parfaits !  I love parfaits ! You can be so creative with them. Use […]

Probiotic Power ! Tap Into It With Yogurt


    Yogurt, Greek yogurt, Kefir are just some delish ways to get probiotics into your system. I LOVE LOVE probiotics and incorporated them into my daily routine a decade back and believe they have done so much for my gut and health. Probiotics are nothing but ‘Good Bacteria’. You can get them in a […]