Pineapple Lemonade Slushy With Coconut Water #SundaySupper

lemonade slushy

  Lemonade slushy laced with pineapple and coconut water makes a cool summer treat. All natural lemonade slushy made with fresh lemon juice. My Sunday Supper team is doing a “recipes inspired by music ‘theme and I thought I would make my pineapple lemonade slushy inspired by an oldie “Lemon Tree” by Peter Paul and […]

Coconut Water Smoothies as Sport Drinks Are The New Black

coconut water smoothies 2

    Cool coconut water blended with some fruit can be a great sports drink. Did you know that?  Yep! You can ditch the Gatorade and other sugary sports drink and get your hydration from all natural coconut water. Nature’s all natural sports drink !  I used Vita Coco coconut water to make my smoothies. […]

Light & Healthy Coconut Rice Pilaf made with @VitaCoco Coconut Water

coconut rice pilaf with vegs

    Savory coconut rice pilaf bursting with an exotic coconut flavor will transport you right to the tropics or the Caribbean !  This coconut pilaf is bursting with coconut in so many ways. Let’s see, there’s coconut water, coconut milk,  coconut flakes and coconut oil ! How much more coconut can you get ? […]

Coconut Water Fruit Smoothie ! Mango Madness

mango coocnut smoothie1

Last week was happy hour at Jamba Juice and all their sixteen size smoothies were a dollar between 5.00 and 7.00. I kept going there everyday ( most days) to get my  $1 smoothie. I got totally hooked on their coconut water fruit smoothies. So refreshing ! I grew up on coconut water. My grandma’s […]