Savory Salted Cumin Mint Lassi With Greek Yogurt #SundaySupper


  Refreshing, cool yogurt lassi with a hint of salt, cumin and mint makes a hydrating summer cooler.  My Sunday Supper team is doing a Summer chilling theme and I am making my cumin lassi. I grew up in India where summers were 90 degrees and air conditioning was rare. We has to find ways […]

Cool MintyYogurt Summer Soup

Bowl of Yoghurt Summer Soup

  Blogging the letter Y in the A-Z blogging challenge and I thought I would blog  this delish cooling  yogurt soup which can be eaten cool or warm.  It originated in Turkey & is quite popular in central Asia as well. You can add cooked rice or any other grain to make it more filling. […]

Probiotic Friendly Parfaits to Pretty your Table and Strengthen your Gut

Mint yogurt with oranges

  This is a follow-up to my previous post on probiotics. Tapping into the power of probiotics is important indeed and here are just a few delish ways of getting them into your system ! I  am sharing  some pretty perfect parfaits !  I love parfaits ! You can be so creative with them. Use […]

Probiotic Power ! Tap Into It With Yogurt


    Yogurt, Greek yogurt, Kefir are just some delish ways to get probiotics into your system. I LOVE LOVE probiotics and incorporated them into my daily routine a decade back and believe they have done so much for my gut and health. Probiotics are nothing but ‘Good Bacteria’. You can get them in a […]