Spicy Homemade V8 with 8 Veggies & Fruit #RawFood

watermelon parsley juice

Homemade V8 juice made with 8 different veggies and fruit with a spicy kick is a drink I can drink any time of the year. I am not too crazy about store bought V8 although I do drink it occasionally. Sure, it provides 2-3 servings of veggies/glass but the fact that it is reconstituted from concentrate […]

Edible Sunscreen ! Foods That May Protect You From Sunburn & Skin Cancer

Still Life on grass

Sunscreen is not just to prevent sunburn. More importantly, it protects against skin cancer which is one of the common types of  cancer these days.  It only takes one severe sunburn to potentially double your child’s chances of getting melanoma later in life. My kids hated sunscreen when they were little.  Now as they are older they […]

Banish Bloat With Foods & Natural Supplements


  Ever tried to slip on your favorite pair of jeans only to find the jeans barely zip shut ? You could be  suffering from bloat ! You could be retaining fluids or have excess gas because of something you ate, or you could be constipated. Every time  I go on vacation I get back bloated […]

Spicy Watermelon Salad with Feta Mint & Apple Cider Vinegar


  Watermelon season is in and we buy loads of it ! The kids like to eat it, I like to smoothie it and this time I wanted to try something different so made a watermelon salad. I spiked it with apple cider vinegar and it gave it a zing ! I added the vinegar […]

Watermelon Smoothie : Sunscreen In A Drink

Watermelon smoothie

  I am  real close to finishing the A-Z blogging challenge. I ‘ve reached letter W already 🙂  W is for my favorite fruit watermelon. I love it so much I dedicated a post  to it which reads “Getting The Most Out Of Your Watermelon “. I am sharing with you a simple smoothie. Watermelon has […]