One Pot Coconut Rice Shrimp Pilaf #SundaySupper

shrimp pilaf

Shrimp Pilaf!  Basmati rice simmered in coconut milk with some shrimp and veggies thrown in makes a yummy easy one pot meal! My Sunday Supper team is doing a ‘one pot dish’ theme and I decided to make my shrimp pilaf. I love one pot dishes and when I make a one pot dish I […]

Quick & Easy Rice Pilaf With More Veggies Than Rice #IndianRecipes Made Easy

veggie rice pilaf1

    Veggie rice pilaf with more veggies than rice makes a healthy high fiber easy weeknight dish. I made a huge batch for a potluck at work today and it’s one of the easiest dishes I know how to make. I am not a huge fan of rice nutrition and health wise since it […]

Wild Raisin Nut Rice Pilaf With Olive Oil Butter & Sea Salt #SundaySupper


    My Sunday Supper team is testing out a great new product. LAND O LAKES® has come out with brand new butter infused with olive oil and sea salt.  What a combination !! The group’s theme this week is Simple and Fresh Summer Recipes . As a team we all received coupons to get  free butter and […]

Festive Fruit Nut Rice Pilaf To Spruce Up Your Table


  I am not a huge fan of rice, but since I did grow up on it, I probably know how to make it a 100 different ways. This recipe is one of my personal favorites. Light and delicately seasoned,  yet rich and bursting with flavor  it makes a delicious accompaniment to any meal. Mmmmm, the aroma […]