Nutrition, Supplements and Weight Loss


    Guest post by Sandra Goldstein Losing weight is one the toughest journey’s any of us can go through in this life, and most people have to take the journey at least one time in their lives. As they say, nothing worth doing is easy, but we are confident that if you put your […]

10 Minute Workouts Are The New BLACK !


  I was driving to the metro station listening to my favorite music channel  yesterday and a news flash that got me quite excited. It was nothing new, we’ve heard this before .. but apparently in today’s busy lifestyle more and more people are opting for 10 minute workouts. Works for me ! Of late, […]

Holiday Bloat giving you the BLUES ? Try these Tips!


I am a firm believer in ” eat and be merry”  during the holidays !  Thanksgiving, Christmas , New Year come just once a year and there is no point in dieting during the season and depriving yourself of ALL that good stuff ! I do however practice some tips to rid  myself of Holiday […]