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Hi there!  I’m  Sunithi, AKA  Sue, a registered dietitian with a sweet tooth and a passion for eating healthy (quite a combo), currently working  as a Community Nutritionist in Washington DC.  I’m also a blogger, health nut, digital scrapbooker, nutrition geek  and food connoisseur. I love to revamp recipes and add some ‘Nutrition Bytes’ to them, and my poor family are the guinea pigs for all my ‘nutri-inventions’ and crazy concoctions. I also love listening to music and can get very crabby when my Ipod is out of charge.

I am wife to a music geek  (Samson), who has a fabulous voice and is the best  person for me!  Together we are  a great example of how two opposites can live in harmony. Let me give you an example. In our first year of marriage I would sit next to my sport-loving man and try to follow along.  15 years later I still sit next to him during game time but I am on my laptop, social networking while he is cheering for the Redskins.  How’s  that for harmony!? On a more serious note, he is the practical one and I am the dreamer, but between us my kids have a healthy balance.  My greatest brag about him is that he has always let me be myself without trying to change me.


I am also mom to my two beautiful girls Rebecca  (13) and Sarah (8) and they are my greatest accomplishments.  I always wondered what I was doing having my kids five years apart, and now I know: while one is in the hugging, kissy stage the other is in the talking, sometimes trying teen stage and I’m a lucky mom to get to enjoy both. Hanging with my girls is one of my favorite things to do!

My Blog : I started this blog a few months back as an attempt to nurture the inner geek in me. I wanted to do something different for myself apart from just being a working mamma and wife.  As we get older, keeping healthy, staying fit and having oodles of energy to keep up with life is not easy. I am still learning from others and my own life experiences, and wanted to share my thoughts and some Nutrition Bytes that I have picked up along the way.  If you want practical tips on eating healthily without depriving yourself of the finer foods in life, this is the place for you.  My family keeps me firmly grounded in that they are my greatest and fondest critics. They reject anything that is not practical or too ‘nutritiony’, so my suggestions have been tried and tested.

Bragging Rights  – I am the Queen of Smoothies and even my kids say I make the best smoothies! Oh, I can also speak six different languages fluently and read & write in four.

You are awesome for visiting my page! Please visit again and help yourself to some Nutrition Bytes from my DIY Nutrition Tool Chest while you are here!





  1. Hi Sunithi … I’m a nurse with a passion for nutrition … So glad I found your site :-)

  2. Hi Sunithi, I was searching this morning for smoothies with coconut milk or coconut water and came across your mango one. I am drinking it as I am writing to you. I love it! I too am a health nut and will be studying holistic coaching next month. I am eating healthier and searching the web for recipes and wanted you to know I love your about you page. Thank you for the recipes and I hope when I get my health blog up, you too will tune in. Hopefully I can get ideas from you and you from me…..keep up the great work! For now, enjoying my mango smoothie! :-)

  3. you have a very fun space. Also, I am highly impressed by your linguistic abilities :)

  4. frensel mercelina says:

    If you use a sharp knife to pry out the coconut, and the knife slips you can get a deep cut. It is better to use a blunt table knife to do this job. trust me I have been there.

  5. You blog is AWESOME. I can’t believe you only started it months ago. I found it by searching for the health benefits of coconut rice. I’ve been making coconut rice for two weeks now and my family LOVES it. I’m and baker and a fitness coach so I am CONSTANTLY battling with my sweet tooth. My neighbors love that I share my baked goodness. I will be visiting you blog and using it as inspiration to work on my own blog. I’ve been so resistant to blogging.

  6. Thank you for the very valuable and interesting recipies!

  7. Hi Sue, I saw your post on juicing celery, beets, apple and ginger for hypertension. I too have that, mine is hereditary. Parents and brothers also have it. I’ve been on atenolol for a while but would like to get off taking meds. I’d like to try this combo of juicing and was wondering if adding the supplement CoQ10 would be helpful. I don’t want to combine them if there is no benefits however I’ve read CoQ10, 100-200 mil is also is very helpful. What are your thoughts?

    • I have not really read about a correlation between CoQ10 and BP but I do know that CoQ10 is very beneficial to the body in many ways. You may want to check with yr physician about that!

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