Natural Foods That Heal Urinary Tract Infection

UTI collage

  Natural Foods That Heal Urinary Tract Infection: What you eat and certain foods can heal urinary tract infection and ease symptoms. Most people including me have suffered from urinary tract infection at some time or the other.  I have found certain foods do ease symptoms and relieve the condition . Again, as I advocate […]

Probiotic Friendly Kefir Smoothies

Fruit smoothies

  I love kefir and I have a kefir smoothie everyday.  Mmm … mangoes mixed with kefir are my absolute favorite. Kiwi, berries, bananas any fruit you like , just mix it up with kefir and get a healthy dose of probiotic power  in a super yummy drink !! Kefir a cousin of yogurt has […]

Probiotic Power ! Tap Into It With Yogurt


    Yogurt, Greek yogurt, Kefir are just some delish ways to get probiotics into your system. I LOVE LOVE probiotics and incorporated them into my daily routine a decade back and believe they have done so much for my gut and health. Probiotics are nothing but ‘Good Bacteria’. You can get them in a […]