Coconut Chicken Curry Meatballs

Chicken Curry Meatballs-0219

  Chicken meatballs simmered in a creamy sauce poured over rice or pasta is a favorite in my home. I just spoon some over salad when I want to go low carb. This dish is so versatile, it works for every member in my family. I like this dish because it’s super easy to make, […]

Chicken Saag : Boneless Chicken In Creamy Spinach Sauce #WeekdaySupper

Chicken Saag-9032

  Chicken Saag! Tender boneless chicken simmered in a creamy spinach sauce laced with Eastern spice! Healthy and easy , chicken saag is a family favorite for a quick weekday supper! I love this dish because It’s veggies and meat rolled into one!! You can eat it plain like a stew, spoon it over some […]

Tuna Dill Patties With Lemon Rice #WeekdaySupper

Tuna Dill Patties-7

  Tuna patties with fresh dill served with lemon cilantro rice. I am participating in Weekday Supper this week and I making a family favorite. Tuna patties that are super easy to make, and healthy!  You can use fresh fish, but I just use canned tuna that has been packed in water.  Convenient and easy […]

Rustic Pepper Chicken with Caramelized Onion

pepper chicken

  Pepper chicken smothered with caramelized onion and green celery leaves! Yummy!! This is one of those recipes that get better every time I make it. I don’t usually add caramelized onion to my pepper chicken, but this time I did and it gave it that extra zip that turned from yummy to WOW!  I […]

Mediterranean Salmon Salad For A Quick #Weekday Supper

salmon salad 4

Colorful Mediterranean salmon salad with warm red potatoes and green beans drizzled with a zesty salad dressing! Warm days have me craving salad and this salmon salad is just perfect for a quick weekday supper. It takes minutes to put together and is a complete meal in itself. Grill or broil the salmon in the […]

Light Chicken Pot Pies With A Cauliflower Crust #WeekdaySupper

chicken pot pie

  Individual Light Chicken Pot Pies stuffed with creamy veggies topped  with a crisp cauliflower crust!  I am participating in weekday supper this week and sharing one of my quick weeknight recipes with you. Weeknight meals have to be super simple and easy and these light chicken pot pies are perfect for those days when […]

Venison Stir Fry With Snow Pea Shooters #LeanCuisine

venison stir fry 1

  Venison Stir Fry with tender snow pea shooters and sesame seeds make a healthy dish packed with flavor. This Asian inspired stir fry came into being the minute I saw the fresh pack of snow pea shooters that arrived at my door step courtesy of Jade Asian Greens. I got a huge shipment a […]

Turkey Meatloaf With Flax Meal and Walnuts

Turkey meat loaf

  Moist healthy turkey meatloaf with flax meal and walnut flour makes an easy weeknight supper!! I have a confession.This is my first home- made turkey meatloaf!  Adventurous as I am, experimenting with recipes,  meatloaf has always intimidated me. I first saw this recipe on my fellow blogger’s blog “Daddy Knows Less”. It’s not a […]

Heart Healthy Tandoori Fish Rolled In Walnuts & Baked In @NuWaveOvenPro

tandoori fish2

    Crisp baked tandoori fish, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside!  I cook Indian food a lot and tandoori fish is a favorite in our home. I make a baked version of Tandoori fish that is healthy and tastes every bit as good as the fried version. I have a homemade […]

Spicy Turkey Cutlets With Potato Ginger & Fresh Herbs #SundaySupper

turkey cutlets

  Crisp turkey cutlets, stuffed with fresh herbs, ginger, garlic & mashed potatoes, make a sumptuous treat, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside! My Sunday Supper team is doing a “Thanksgiving leftovers” theme – so here’s my fav turkey cutlet recipe. Love the theme, by the way!! Everyone has Thanksgiving leftovers – […]