Boost Metabolism With Pineapple Ginger Cayenne Kombucha

pineapple kombucha

  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and the urge is hitting me today!  Perhaps it is in tribute to a fellow blogger, TR Crumbley who passed a week ago.  He was just 29, battling an aggressive form of duodenal cancer. I connected with him a few years back during our “Sunday Supper” chats […]

Lactogenic Foods That Increase Breast Milk Production

lactogenic foods

A few days ago, a friend called to ask about lactation foods (foods that increase production of breast milk). Even as I rattled off some foods that came to mind, I realized I get asked this question a lot.  Just one of the perks of being a community nutritionist who places a lot of emphasis […]

Homemade Sorrel : The Feel Good Anti Stress Drink


  A little while back I got hooked on sorrel, a red Jamaican drink made from sorrel leaves, ginger and spice! There was this little health cafe near my old place of work in DC and I walked up there often to get a glass for $5.00. It is a soothing, calming drink that naturally […]

Beat Holiday Bloat with Cran Water

Cran Water-2

  Cran water! My magic potion to breezing through the holidays without packing on too many extra pounds!  From Thanksgiving, through Christmas to New Year it’s party city!  Now who wants to deprive themselves of all that good stuff?  Not me!! A habit I always practice religiously through the holidays is drinking cran water. This […]

DIY All Natural Oil Sprays !

Olive oil flowing from carafe into the spoon.

  Continuing with the letter O in the A- Z Blogging challenge . I completed the letter P with my Papaya Ginger Lemon Smoothie  and am backtracking now to blog O.  I like this post because it’s something I believe in. Making your own oil sprays in place of the ready-made sprays that you get. […]

Fruit & Veggie Sprays Clean Better Than Water : Make Your Own For Just A Few Cents

10 SW1nMDcwNzMuanBn

This is a follow up on my previous post on  going organic without breaking the bank. . I shared from my experience  how I saved on going ‘totally organic’ by using my own homemade version of veggie/ fruit spray and wash. This spray/ wash  effectively takes off pesticide and fertiliser residue making the produce safer […]