DIY All Natural Oil Sprays !

DIY All Natural Oil Sprays !


Continuing with the letter O in the A- Z Blogging challenge . I completed the letter P with my Papaya Ginger Lemon Smoothie  and am backtracking now to blog O.  I like this post because it’s something I believe in. Making your own oil sprays in place of the ready-made sprays that you get. Don’t get me wrong. I love oil sprays, use them a lot ! I often spritz my baking utensils  and douse my indoor grill with oil sprays. What I am not too crazy about is the fact that while the labels say 100 % canola oil,  there are propellants added to them. Yikes ! don’t want that in my food. Safe according to FDA, but since I do use oil sprays a lot, I prefer not to have that. When you make your own sprays, you can eliminate anything foreign as in some word you don’t understand. You can also use your favorite oils and spice them up with herbs and seasonings. I have two recipes and you may want to make both. One is  a thicker spray which will evenly coat your surface. This is great for  when you bake , cook and stir fry. The other is water based and perfect for barbeques and grilling where you need some extra moisture etc. All you need is a spray bottle and you’re set. You could also purchase the oil spray containers  which look and feel like an oil spray. If you’re using a spray bottles, but them in an organic store or buy the ones that are BPA free. I have a confession though 😉  ! I do have Pam in my home, but use her once in a while when I run out of home-made 🙂 Less is better !


Ingredients for Oil Sprays and Recipes


Recipe one :  Water Based 

Mix 6 ounces of water  with 2 ounces of your favorite oil. Shake it up every time you use it. You could add 1 oz lemon juice, herbs or spices to this mix

Recipe two : Oil based

Mix equal quantities of your favorite oil and liquid lecithin ( available at health food stores). Shake well every time you spray. Add lemon juice and your favorite seasoning and spices to this as well.



To read more in my A- Z  Blogging challenge, click here and check back tomorrow to read my post on the letter Q.  I’m not skipping the letter P, already blogged it 🙂 P !!! I will probably do a quinoa related recipe, so stay tuned especially if you like quinoa !

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