Fruit & Veggie Sprays Clean Better Than Water : Make Your Own For Just A Few Cents

Fruit & Veggie Sprays Clean Better Than Water : Make Your Own For Just A Few Cents
This is a follow up on my previous post on  going organic without breaking the bank. . I shared from my experience  how I saved on going ‘totally organic’ by using my own homemade version of veggie/ fruit spray and wash. This spray/ wash  effectively takes off pesticide and fertiliser residue making the produce safer for consumption. This is specially good for the Dirty Dozen list of foods put out  by the Environmental Working Group  every year. The Dirty Dozen  have the highest pesticide content. Click on link to see a beautiful slide show of the Dirty Dozen.
Science behind the spray / wash
While water and a scrub brush will do good job of removing surface dirt and some bacteria, a Veggie/ Fruit spray can provide some extra insurance by removing more than just dirt . Pesticides are oil based and not water soluble ( meaning water alone will not remove them ) The ingredients used in Veggie/ Fruit sprays  help clean and remove pesticide and wax by loosening and emulsifying the residue so it can be rinsed off easily.
Advantages of making your own homemade Veggie/ Fruit wash.
 CHEAPER by the dozen – will cost only a couple of cents while an average bottle of Veggie/Fruit spray costs close to $4.00.
USE liberally – since it costs so little.
ALL natural – nice to know what you’re spraying on your produce.

Home made Veggie/ Fruit spray
1 tbs lemon juice
2 tbs baking soda
1 cup water

Store in a labelled spray bottle .
Spray the produce, leave for 2 minutes, scrub , rinse and pat dry.

Home made Veggie/ Fruit Wash
1 cup vinegar
3 tbs salt 
3-4 cups water

Soak veggies or fruit in a basin or in a clean sink  filled with Veggie/Fruit wash for 10 minutes. Rinse and dry.


To “Spray” or “Soak” 
For soft or high surface produce like strawberries, lettuce, broccoli etc use the wash or soak method.
For hard surface produce like apples, pears, potatoes use the spray. – spray , rub and rinse.

Be Safe !! Wash your produce and enjoy them !!

Slide show presentation of the Dirty Dozen

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