Chili Guava Smoothie & Some Thoughts On Letting Go


  A fresh pink guava blended with some ginger, lemon and a pinch of chili drunk cold with ice cubes is what I am drinking right now! Been in India the past 10 days : a short vacay to see my parents so I have been eating and snacking on those foods I rarely get […]

Cool & Creamy Orange Julius With Almond Milk & Ginger

orange julius

  I did a lot of out-door work on Monday planting a vegetable garden and felt the need for a healthy, replenishing, cool drink. I saw the tangerines on my kitchen table and my mind was swimming with pictures of a refreshing creamy orange drink. Orange Julius ! This drink was actually popularized by the […]

Setting up a Smoothie Friendly Kitchen

different smoothie with fruits and berries on white background

This is an older post of mine which I revamped after moving my blog from Blogger to Word Press. While the transition went of without much of a glitch, I seem to have lost my GFC followers. I am hoping to remedy that soon. The day I got my blog up and running I also got enlisted into “Nutrition Blog Network” […]