Cool & Creamy Orange Julius With Almond Milk & Ginger


I did a lot of out-door work on Monday planting a vegetable garden and felt the need for a healthy, replenishing, cool drink. I saw the tangerines on my kitchen table and my mind was swimming with pictures of a refreshing creamy orange drink. Orange Julius ! This drink was actually popularized by the fruit chain store by the name Orange Julius, which started in the 1920s. A delish combo of oranges, milk, sugar and vanilla make up a creamisicle in a drink. I got my tangerines together and in minutes whipped up a batch of creamy ‘Orange Julius’. I used almond milk and substituted the sugar WITH raw honey. I also added some grated ginger which gave it a zesty kick 🙂 Add some whey protein to make a meal of it ! 

Nutrition- wise :  it is packed with fiber, calcium, vitamin D, E and bursting with vitamin C !!  The ginger has anti-inflamatory properties,  is a natural stomach soother and aids in digestion. Use any type of orange and don’t bother to devine . Keep as  much of the pulp in as possible to get extra fiber. It blends in very nicely.

Use agave nectar or stevia instead of honey to make it diabetic friendly ! The addition of the almond milk and the fiber in the fruit make this a healthy diabetic drink ( minus the honey  ) Much better than orange juice. What’s not to love about this healthy refreshing creamsicle in a glass which takes minutes to make ?







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  1. Yumm ! Looks super refreshing and healthy too. Have made orange julius with frozen oj . Fresh oranges sounds better. Will try it with coconut milk I think . Thanks for sharing !!!

  2. Cool !!! Will try this at home. Bet kids will enjoy it !!! Me too !!!

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