Salmon Red Curry


Tender salmon steaks swimming in a pool of spicy red curry sauce! This is a dish I make a lot and its very easy which is why, when people ask for the recipe I say it’s ” very simple” , almost too simple to describe. But I thought putting it on a recipe card is […]

Coconut Banana Bread With More Fruit & Nuts Than Flour


  Coconut banana bread  with more fruit and nuts than flour. The aroma is filling my home. It’s Sunday night  and I am baking my usual ” healthy” breakfast muffin or bread for my husband and child to grab and go en route to work and school. My ritual most Sunday evenings except this time […]

Quinoa Chickpea Soup With Roasted Garlic & Veggies #SundaySupper

Chickpea soup-0760

  Rustic quinoa chickpea soup bursting with the flavor of roasted veggies, laced with herbs, fresh ginger and garlic! I am not kidding when I say I could eat this soup everyday… well almost everyday 🙂 ! This quinoa chickpea soup is a meal in itself: healthy fat, protein,carbs and veggies! You don’t need anything […]

Roasted Carrot Ginger Soup With Fresh Carrot Juice & Coconut Oil

Carrot Ginger soup1

  Roasted carrot ginger soup with a swirl of fresh carrot juice and a dash of coconut oil is comfort food to me. I love soups all year around, but give me a warm hearty soup in winter and I need nothing else to eat. Roasting veggies or fruit intensifies their flavor and gives soups […]

Taking The October #Unprocessed Challenge By @eatingrules With Baby Steps


  October is unprocessed food month.  Andrew Wilder from ‘Eating Rules’ is on mission to help people eat healthier ! How ? By cutting out or cutting down on processed food ! He’s asking people all over the world to take the October unprocessed challenge ! As much as I love the idea, eating totally […]

5 Tips For Eating Healthy On A Budget


I am pleased to have Steven Madison, a personal trainer and fitness expert  guest post on my blog today. Useful information here on “Eating Healthy” without breaking the bank!  Now over to Steve.   Healthy eating is important in life. Although it’s usually a lot easier to swallow down a lot of junk food and […]

Ginger : Health Benefits & Creative Uses in Recipes!


  Aromatic, pungent and spicy ginger adds a special flavor and zest to any dish.  An extraordinary spice with health benefits! Fresh ginger root is available year round in the produce section of your local market.  Technically ginger is a herb. The rhizome (underground stem) is used as a culinary spice and also as a medicine. […]

Fiber Bars vs Fiber Foods : Which Should You Choose ?

Granola bars

Day 6 of the A – Z blogging challenge and I am blogging the letter F. I thought I would blog about my pet peeve ‘ Fiber’. I call it my pet peeve because I’m always wondering if my family, clients and myself are getting enough fiber in our diet. American Cancer Institute recommends 25 […]

Getting the Best Bang For Your Buck: Fresh Vs Frozen Produce.

Lemon in ice

  March is National Nutrition Month and National Frozen food month. I thought I would club the two and do a couple of posts this month on frozen foods and nutrition. Today am touching on produce: Fresh Vs  Frozen! Which one is better? Talking with people, it appears that fresh is always better than frozen, but […]