Tenderize Lentils or Meat with Green Papaya

Meat tenderizer (1 of 1)

It’s Monday morning after Easter and both my regular clients in DC are on Spring Break which gives me time to spring clean my home this week and maybe work on my blog a bit! Restless days have me reaching for my laptop to pen a new post and I blog whatever’s on my mind, […]

Tandoori Chicken Pizza with Fresh Basil & Mozzarella #SundaySupper


A rustic pizza with tender tandoori chicken, fresh basil and mozzarella is what I made for  our Sunday Supper celebration of ” National Pizza month”.  East meets West in this spicy, sweet, herbaceous, zippy pizza which tickles the palate and hits your taste buds with some serious kick! I have made tandoori chicken pizza before and […]

Coconut Chicken Curry Meatballs

Chicken Curry Meatballs-0219

  Chicken meatballs simmered in a creamy sauce poured over rice or pasta is a favorite in my home. I just spoon some over salad when I want to go low carb. This dish is so versatile, it works for every member in my family. I like this dish because it’s super easy to make, […]

Ginger Orange Glazed Cornish Hens #SundaySupper

Orange Glazed Cornish Hens

Orange glazed Cornish hens with a tinge of ginger and some fresh mint! I’ll admit I’ve never made Cornish hens before and my first time turned out pretty good! I made a zesty glaze with fresh orange juice, ginger and coconut sugar. I doused the Cornish hens with my homemade glaze and prepared fabulous, sweet […]

Naan Tandoori Chicken Pizza With Red Onion & Cilantro #WeekdaySupper

tandoori chicken pizza-1-13

East meets West in this Tandoori Chicken Pizza baked on a naan.  Tender chunks of tandoori chicken with some thinly sliced red onion and red peppers are the base for this pizza. Top it with some cheese and cilantro and you have a spicy, cheesy, yummy Tandoori Chicken Pizza. I am participating in Weekday Supper […]

Venison Stir Fry With Snow Pea Shooters #LeanCuisine

venison stir fry 1

  Venison Stir Fry with tender snow pea shooters and sesame seeds make a healthy dish packed with flavor. This Asian inspired stir fry came into being the minute I saw the fresh pack of snow pea shooters that arrived at my door step courtesy of Jade Asian Greens. I got a huge shipment a […]

Quick & Easy Thai Panang Chicken with Peanut Butter #WeekdaySupper

panang chicken 1

    Thai style creamy Panang Chicken made with peanut butter makes a healthy, quick and easy weeknight supper.  I work full time so cooking is not something I can spend too much time on during weekdays.  Our Sunday Supper group started a Weekday Supper which is great because everyone is looking for easy weekday […]

Egg Curry : Protein Packed Boiled Eggs In Curry Sauce #IndianRecipes Made Easy

curried eggs 1

  Savory spicy egg curry – Indian style. Hard-boiled eggs in a savory sauce made of tomatoes and fresh cilantro makes a protein packed egg curry. The incredible edible egg has gotten a very bad rap in last few decades due to its high cholesterol. Chicken eggs are high in cholesterol, and a diet high in […]

Turkey Meatloaf With Flax Meal and Walnuts

Turkey meat loaf

  Moist healthy turkey meatloaf with flax meal and walnut flour makes an easy weeknight supper!! I have a confession.This is my first home- made turkey meatloaf!  Adventurous as I am, experimenting with recipes,  meatloaf has always intimidated me. I first saw this recipe on my fellow blogger’s blog “Daddy Knows Less”. It’s not a […]

Grilled Eggplant Moussaka With Flaxseed #BakeForACure #SundaySupper


    This post is dedicated to  Katy Richards, a dear friend of mine who is a breast cancer survivor and a beautiful strong woman ! I am super excited to be participating in #SundaySupper this week. We are partnering with Chantal Cookware in their “Bake For A Cure ” event in support of October being […]