Pink Lady Watermelon Tomato Smoothie #NBCAM


  Pink lady watermelon tomato smoothie loaded with antioxidants and cancer fighting nutrients! October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and on the last day of the month I am sharing this creative yummy healthy smoothie! To get the recipe and find out just why it’s good for you, head on over to DC ladies […]

Tap Into The Power Of Magic Beans!

Dry beans and peas

      There must have been something to the story of the magic beans in Jack and the Beanstalk, because there is something so powerful and magical about beans. Packed with fiber, antioxidants and photochemical, beans and legumes are on the top ten for almost any ’Power Foods List’. To read more on the magical properties of beans […]

How Is Your Diet Affecting Your Oral Health?

dental foods

    Guest Post written by Rory Mycek of Top Dentists, a dental health site in the Everyday Health portfolio. There are so many fad diets and lifestyle trends floating around these days, but what’s truly healthy? While these diets lead to a slimmer waistline, and in some cases very dramatic weight loss, they can […]

Avocado Mango Madness ! Dessert & Brainfood In A Glass

Avocado smoothie 1

  Creamy avocado mango smoothie with some spinach makes a green drink that is dessert in a glass!! It’s my favorite green drink combo and doubles as a creamy dessert!! Packed with serious brain food and good stuff it’s one of those drinks that you feel like making again! Seriously you won’t say Eww to […]

Chia Seeds Health Benefits & Ways To Use them

Corn muffins breakfast

    Ch – Ch- Chia !! Remember those funny looking pets you could grow by just adding water that were so popular in the 90’s ? Well Chia is back now in a perfectly edible form. This new super food is hitting the health food markets like a storm. So much power in this tiny […]

Nutrition, Supplements and Weight Loss


    Guest post by Sandra Goldstein Losing weight is one the toughest journey’s any of us can go through in this life, and most people have to take the journey at least one time in their lives. As they say, nothing worth doing is easy, but we are confident that if you put your […]

Easy 3 Day Detox Plan To Recharge & Rejuvenate Your System


    Image in collage courtesy of  Ambro/ Feeling lethargic, tired, and sluggish? You may be suffering from “After Holiday Syndrome” If you’ve slacked on your workouts, skimped on sleep and stuffed yourself during the holiday season, a detox may be just what you need to get back on track. To read my easy to […]

Nutrition To Boost Thyroid Function #ThyroidAwarenessMonth

thyroid foods

  Thyroid Nutrition ! Can nutrition affect your thyroid ? January is thyroid awareness month ! As with virtually every bodily function, your diet plays a role in the health of your thyroid. There are some specific nutrients that our thyroid depends on and it’s important to include them in our diet ! On the flip […]

Anti- Inflammatory Foods That Help Arthritis


  Foods that help arthritis ! Arthritis hits 1 in every  5 grown ups !  Can foods cure arthritis ? Unfortunately not, but there are some foods that can make the condition less painful. Knowing what these foods  are and making small changes in the diet can yield BIG rewards and improve quality of life.  It can […]

Eat Your Way To Good Hair by @ClinicalPosters


Feed Your Hair Through Your Mouth Shampoos and conditioners have their place but your hair really needs a good meal. By Kevin R.R. Williams I am pleased to have Kevin Williams from guest post on my blog.  Kevin is no stranger to my blog and has guest posted before.  A seasoned vegetarian, writer and […]