Nutrition To Boost Thyroid Function #ThyroidAwarenessMonth

Nutrition To Boost Thyroid Function #ThyroidAwarenessMonth


Thyroid Nutrition ! Can nutrition affect your thyroid ? January is thyroid awareness month ! As with virtually every bodily function, your diet plays a role in the health of your thyroid. There are some specific nutrients that our thyroid depends on and it’s important to include them in our diet ! On the flip side there are some foods that cause thyroid inflammation and may lead to decreased thyroid function. To learn what these foods are and help your thyroid hop on over to and read my guest post titled ” Easy To Swallow Thyroid Nutrition

I am pleased to be guest posting at ! An informative blog on all things medical, health and nutrition ! The blog author has blogged at Sue’s Nutrition Buzz a couple of times and I am happy to return the favor ! Go on ! Click Click and read my guest post on !

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