Easy 3 Day Detox Plan To Recharge & Rejuvenate Your System



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Feeling lethargic, tired, and sluggish? You may be suffering from “After Holiday Syndrome” If you’ve slacked on your workouts, skimped on sleep and stuffed yourself during the holiday season, a detox may be just what you need to get back on track. To read my easy to follow 3 -5 day detox, hop on over to Vanity Network Magazine and read my guest post entitled “Keeping It Clean: How To Detox”! It’s a super easy plan to follow complete with a shopping list and a recipe for a detox soup if you don’t want to juice!

I am pleased to be guest posting on Vanity Network Magazine, a great resource guide for women, helping them nurture their inner being. If you’re not following their blog, you may want to do so. They have some really neat tips for everyday living and again, hop on over and read my easy to follow clean detox plan!



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  1. Hi Sunithi,

    Just read your post on Vanity Network, just wanted to say: awesome information.

    I’ve been looking for something similar with what you wrote.Thanks for sharing your tips.Cheers.


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