High Fiber Zucchini Lentil Fritters #SundaySupper

Fried zucchini

    Blogging the last letter in my A-Z blogging challenge ! Yay ! Such a feeling to have finally finished !!!! There are not too many Z  foodie words that I can blog about but there’s always Zucchini.  My #SundaySupper group is doing a herb veggie theme so I thought Zucchini would fit right […]

Cool MintyYogurt Summer Soup

Bowl of Yoghurt Summer Soup

  Blogging the letter Y in the A-Z blogging challenge and I thought I would blog  this delish cooling  yogurt soup which can be eaten cool or warm.  It originated in Turkey & is quite popular in central Asia as well. You can add cooked rice or any other grain to make it more filling. […]

Xocolatl : Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans Give You A Delish Caffeine Dose

Chocolate covered raisins

      Blogging the letter X in the A-Z Blogging challenge . Was Xrtemely difficult to find a topic.  Then I hit on Xocolatl (Ancient Aztec for chocolate ) and decided to make dark chocolate covered coffee beans . Two terrific flavors : coffee and chocolate come together in this mouth-watering recipe !! Eat them […]

Watermelon Smoothie : Sunscreen In A Drink

Watermelon smoothie

  I am  real close to finishing the A-Z blogging challenge. I ‘ve reached letter W already 🙂  W is for my favorite fruit watermelon. I love it so much I dedicated a post  to it which reads “Getting The Most Out Of Your Watermelon “. I am sharing with you a simple smoothie. Watermelon has […]

Vegging Out : Pros & Cons Of a Vegan/Vegetarian Diet

Chicken wearing funny vegan sign.

    Am behind on the A – Z blogging challenge, but since I plan to see it through I want to continue and  finish this week. Just 5 more letters !! whew !! Then I will probably have to take a blogcation since I will seriously have run out of ideas ! Now blogging the […]

Way Powerful Undenatured Whey Protein by @RenegadeDad

Strawberry shake

  Continuing with the A-Z blogging challenge and I got stuck with the letter U. I just checked with  fellow health nut and  twitter buddy Tim Murphy if he had any ideas.  He suggested ‘Undenatured Whey Protein’. Since he’s quite the expert on whey and protein shakes, I asked him if he could do a […]

Tangy Tangerine Bubble Tea

Pearl milk drink on white. Bubble tea

  Blogging the last few letters of the A -Z  blogging challenge ! Whew !! and I am on the letter T. I thought I would blog about bubble tea and make a tangerine based bubble tea. When bubble tea hit the states a few years back it became a popular item in my family […]

The Sweet Truth about Sugar Substitutes


    Continuing with the A- Z Blogging Challenge and am blogging the letter S. Ah! my chance to rant about sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners.  Do I use sugar substitutes ? Yes ! I do and here’s why . I have  a sweet tooth and cannot pass up dessert  so I get a fair […]

Resveratrol : Benefits of Red Wine in a Pill

Glass and bottle of red wine

    I ‘m still in the A-Z  Blogging challenge  and blogging the letter R.  One of my favorite R topics is Reseveratrol the potent red wine pill which has all the heart healthy benefits of wine. Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant found in high concentrations on grape skins from which it is extracted. To get […]

Quick & Easy Quinoa Pilaf with Coconut #HighFiber

Vegetarian Quinoa Salad

    I’m more than half way through the A-Z Blogging challenge and am blogging the letter Q. I had no trouble coming up with a topic here. Quinoa , the magic high protein grain is the new black it seems. Salad it, cook it,  bake it or stuff it onto veggies it is  a […]