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Continuing with the A-Z blogging challenge and I got stuck with the letter U. I just checked with  fellow health nut and  twitter buddy Tim Murphy if he had any ideas.  He suggested ‘Undenatured Whey Protein’. Since he’s quite the expert on whey and protein shakes, I asked him if he could do a guest post and he agreed ! Yay ! At short notice too. If your’e not already following him on twitter or following his blog, you  probably should. He has a lot of health tips up his sleeve ! Now over to Tim.

One of the best ways that I can think of to optimize health in as little time as possible each day is by having an Undenatured Whey Protein Shake!

Hey, I wish I had more time to prepare healthy meals throughout the day but between work and raising a family there just isn’t much time for that.

So in order to get a boost of highly nutritious food quickly and easily each day, I whip up a delicious Undenatured Whey Protein shake.

What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein comes from cow’s milk. About 20% of the protein in Milk is Whey, the other 80% is Casein.

Have you ever noticed the clear liquid stuff on the top of that yogurt that you have to mix together? That’s Whey.

Isn’t Whey Protein Only For Bodybuilders?

Nope! The benefits of Whey Protein go far beyond building bigger muscles. In fact Whey Protein has been shown to provide all kinds of benefits from increased fat loss to potentially reducing the risk of cancer.

But of the BIGGEST reasons Whey Protein has become so popular in recent years has to do with its ability to increase Glutathione levels in the body.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is present in every single cell in our body and is called the “Master Antioxidant” because it maximizes the free radical fighting ability of all the other antioxidants in our body.

The problem is that as we age our levels of Glutathione decrease and taking Glutathione as a supplement does not appear to have much benefit.

However, studies have shown that the best way to naturally increase Glutathione levels in the body is by consuming Undenatured Whey Protein.

What is Undenatured Whey?
In short, Undenatured Whey means “undamaged” Whey.

You see most traditional methods of processing Whey utilize high heat. But that’s a problem because many of the beneficial properties of Whey are temperature sensitive and destroyed by heat.

So in order to preserve all of the wonderful health promoting qualities of whey it must be processed using low temperatures to create “Undenatured Whey Protein”.

Where can I find it?
You can find Undenatured Whey Protein at most health food stores. Just check the label to make sure it indicates that the Whey is processed using Low or Cold temperatures.

What’s the Best Way To Consume Undenatured Whey Protein?
For me the answer here is simple – in a shake combined with other nutritious fruits or vegetables!

So I make one to three undenatured whey protein shakes per day to get the nutrition I need in the shortest amount of time possible. Oh yeah and they also taste delicious!

One of my  favorite shakes is the Strawberry Vanilla Shake because it tastes just like a Strawberry Milkshake and is super simple and easy to make.

Here’s how to make it….




About the author :


 Tim Murphy is a busy husband and father who is on a mission to help other parents by providing quick and  easy strategies that dramatically improve health. You can find more protein shake recipes, weight loss tips   and holistic health improvement strategies on Tim’s blog www.renegadedad.net.

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  1. Great post! Explained the benefits of whey very simply ! Am bookmarking this post. Did not know the difference between undenatured & regular whey. Am getting the good stuff on my way home. The facts about glutathionine are intresting. Was taking the pills for sometime to detox and stuff, but thinking whey is a good way to get it ! Thanks! Excellent post !!!!

  2. New to yr blog and love this post. Came via search engine. Wanted to read about whey protein & got usefull stuff here ! love the shake . Will go check out the others as well.

  3. Nice !! Going to get me some whey protein. I use a soy based protein for my shakes and it tastes " not very nice" Hopefully Whey will taste better. like that the smoothie is so simple with easy ingredients.

    • Appreciate the kind words Penny! I say NO to Soy! There's quite a bit of evidence it can cause hormonal imbalances. Whey is "THE" Way as far as I'm concerned….long, long list of health benefits.

  4. Being a fitness buff I really like this post. Always wondered why undenatured was better since some folks at the gymn recc it. I prefer half scoop though, so its not too whey tasting ! Good post ! Am going to check out other recipes on his site as well !!

  5. Thanks @whitehorse68! I'm really glad you found it helpful. It will still taste delicious w 1/2 scoop 🙂

  6. Very well said, your blog says it all about that particular topic.”*”:

  7. Re: Whoever made the statement that this was a good web site actually needs to get their head evaluated.


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