Xocolatl : Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans Give You A Delish Caffeine Dose




Blogging the letter X in the A-Z Blogging challenge . Was Xrtemely difficult to find a topic.  Then I hit on Xocolatl (Ancient Aztec for chocolate ) and decided to make dark chocolate covered coffee beans . Two terrific flavors : coffee and chocolate come together in this mouth-watering recipe !! Eat them as a snack especially when you need a caffeine boost or sprinkle them over desserts !  Chocolate, especially dark gives you a high dose of antioxidants and magnesium . Coffee beans will give you pure unadulterated caffeine . Team the two together for a heady ” wake me up” treat. This recipe is super simple and has just 2  ingredients. You can make them diabetic friendly by using unsweetened dark chocolate and agave nectar. Be creative ! Add a dash of mint or cinnamon to the recipe if you wish.


Messing around with Chocolate and Coffee is FUN !!






To read more in my A- Z  Blogging challenge, click here and check back tomorrow to read my post on the letter Y.  I am going to share a yogurt based cool summer soup ! 




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  1. Ooh, la la … love coffee beans dipped with chocolate. Am making this !!!

  2. Nice ! This is a good way to get my cravings for both chocolate & Coffee ! Neat !!!

  3. I made them, they don’t look like the photo. They are dull and stuck together. In the photo they are smooth, glossy and thick…??

    • this is good to know. it really bothers me when bloggers – or anyone – posts a picture of a doctored up finished product. just show me what it looks like in the real world when someone like myself tries to do it. makes me not trust the poster or the author of the original post. thank you for posting.


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