Quick & Easy Quinoa Pilaf with Coconut #HighFiber



I’m more than half way through the A-Z Blogging challenge and am blogging the letter Q. I had no trouble coming up with a topic here. Quinoa , the magic high protein grain is the new black it seems. Salad it, cook it,  bake it or stuff it onto veggies it is  a delish highly nutritious grain which literally grabs the flavor of anything it touches. Higher protein than other grains makes it a great dish for vegans  as a good source of meatless protein.  It is also high in fiber , low in Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Magnesium and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Manganese. I discovered it a few months back and have tried to get my family to eat it. This warm rice pilaf is a family favorite. I put a lot of veggies and some beans into it to make it a high fiber dish. It also makes a nice high protein snack and I have tried stuffing this pilaf into peppers to make a yummy appetizer. The key to making this a quick and easy dish is to soak the quinoa grains in water for 4-6 hrs and then they will cook super fast. You can make this stove top or in a rice cooker.




To read more in my A- Z  Blogging challenge, click here and check back tomorrow to read my post on the letter R. I am doing a post on Resveratrol, the red wine extract  that is the new potent nutrition supplement. It has huge benefits! You will want to read about it !!!


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  1. Have been toying with the idea of using quinoa & this recipe looks quite delish ! Thanks , will try it out. Wonder how it will come out with cous cous ! Have some at home.

  2. Neat!! This seems like a spicy recipe & am all about adding spice to my meals. I always like adding cumin & will def be adding the chili flakes !

  3. This looks so colorful !! I love Quinoa and this recipe is so different . I printed it !

  4. OOh ! like !!! nice recipe. Makes me hungry 🙂

  5. nice it look so delicious i like to cook this… thanks for sharing

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