Tangy Tangerine Bubble Tea

Tangy Tangerine Bubble Tea


Blogging the last few letters of the A -Z Β blogging challenge ! Whew !! and I am on the letter T. I thought I would blog about bubble tea and make a tangerine based bubble tea. When bubble tea hit the states a few years back it became a popular item in my family as well. My girls wanted to visit the mall just to get bubble tea πŸ™‚ ! I have not really made bubble tea at home, so tried it this weekend and judging by the Β enthusiasm with which it was received I foresee I will be making a lot of bubble tea in the future. It was fairly easy. Β I just cooked the tapioca pearls and then it’s a tea breeze ! I used the white tapioca pearls but traditionally you would use the bigger beads with a dark center. Instead of Β a syrup flavoring, I used natural fruit juice and some honey to sweeten. I also used green tea, but white tea or any herbal flavored tea should work as well. I make an extra milky version for my youngest ( see picture below) and a stronger one for the grown ups. I used coconut milk, but you can use almond milk or regular milk as well. You can mix and match with fruit flavors. I used tangerine because I had to use the letter T ! Be creative and make your own bubble tea πŸ™‚Β 



Tangy Tangerine Bubble Tea

Rating: 51

Yield: 2 servings

Serving Size: 1 cup ( 8 oz)

Use stevia to make this diabetic friendly. I give this a five star rating because my kids loved it !


  • 2 tbsp cooked tapioca beads
  • 1 cup tangerine juice ( 3 tangerines)
  • 1 cup green tea
  • 1/2 cup almond milk, coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp honey


  1. Cook tapioca beads for 20 minutes till soft. ( you can refrigerate extra beads for future use)
  2. Squeeze tangerine juice and get 1 cup
  3. Make one cup of green tea and cool until it reaches room temperature
  4. Blend cool tea , tangerine juice and honey for a minute till everything blends in. You can also use a hand beater or whisk to mix everything.
  5. Put 1 tbsp of cooked tapioca beads in one glass of the above tea mixture and serve cool bubble tea
  6. Mix and match different juices to get different flavored bubble tea.
  7. Add more milk and less juice for a milkier version of the tea.



To read more in my A- Z Β Blogging challenge,Β click hereΒ and check back tomorrow to read my post on the letter U. I have a guest post on Undernatured Whey protein by an expert on that topic πŸ™‚Β 


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3 thoughts on “Tangy Tangerine Bubble Tea”

  • Nice ! Always wanted to learn how to make bubble tea & this looks super easy. Thanks for sharing ! Will prob use 100% juices I think. Maybe use regular milk too. I like the milky version !

  • Love this ! Now I can quit taking my kids to the mall too where the tea is ridiculously expensive ! Bah ! Love the healthier option of using agave nectar ! Pic looks yummy too !

  • I printed the recipe ! looks quite simple ! I like the idea of using green & white teas. Not sure what tea they use in the mall. Am ordering the black bubble tea pearls from amazon. Know any local stores that may have it ? I have a craving for the tea now !!! Pic is tempting !

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