How To Serve Great Vegetarian Food by @ClinicalPosters


I am pleased to have a guest post by Kevin Williams from Kevin is a well seasoned vegetarian with a taste for “Fine Cuisine!” If you’re not already following him on Twitter or his health blog, you may want to. He has many awesome healthy foodie tips and recipes up his sleeve! Now, over to Kevin! Vegetarian prowl for fine dining. by Kevin Williams Twice daily, my cats […]

Vegging Out : Pros & Cons Of a Vegan/Vegetarian Diet

Chicken wearing funny vegan sign.

    Am behind on the A – Z blogging challenge, but since I plan to see it through I want to continue and  finish this week. Just 5 more letters !! whew !! Then I will probably have to take a blogcation since I will seriously have run out of ideas ! Now blogging the […]

Squash and Pepper: A High Fiber match made in Heaven

Pumpkin or squash soup in a bowl

I was browsing around the aisles at Trader Joe’s and picked up a carton of their ‘Squash and Roasted Pepper Soup’. Simply delicious, but at almost $4.00 / carton and only four servings, that’s not very cost-effective for me and my family of four. I can easily consume 4 servings in one meal. So I decided to recreate and […]