Coconut Banana Bread With More Fruit & Nuts Than Flour


  Coconut banana bread  with more fruit and nuts than flour. The aroma is filling my home. It’s Sunday night  and I am baking my usual ” healthy” breakfast muffin or bread for my husband and child to grab and go en route to work and school. My ritual most Sunday evenings except this time […]

Foods That May Prevent Alzheimer’s

alzheimer's foods

Foods that may prevent Alzheimer’s ! Are there such foods ? November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month !  We just had a friend whose mom died of Alzheimer’s this week.  The funeral is tomorrow, so this post is dear to my heart. Like every other disease , some people are more prone to  Alzheimer’s than others.  Genetic […]

Spiced Pumpkin Ricotta Oat Muffins with Craisins & Walnuts #SundaySupper #GlutenFree

pumpkin muffin

  Savory Muffins made with oats, home – made pumpkin puree,  ricotta cheese with some craisins, walnut, coconut oil and pumpkin spice thrown in … mmmm  yummy ! My Sunday Supper team is doing an ” All Things Orange ” theme and it promises to be very Fall flavored.  My contribution is my orange pumpkin […]