Coconut Banana Bread With More Fruit & Nuts Than Flour


  Coconut banana bread  with more fruit and nuts than flour. The aroma is filling my home. It’s Sunday night  and I am baking my usual ” healthy” breakfast muffin or bread for my husband and child to grab and go en route to work and school. My ritual most Sunday evenings except this time […]

Apple Flax Zucchini Bread #GlutenFree #SundaySupper

Zuchhini Bread-0122

  Healthy Zucchini bread with apples, oats and flax makes a hearty snack or breakfast.  My kids are not really fond of zucchini but they love my zucchini bread! This bread is loaded with zucchini: 3 cups shredded zucchini and one cup shredded apple! You do the math. All this in one loaf of bread […]

Wholesome Oat Bread with Fresh Cranberries Orange & Coconut Oil #GlutenFree

orange cranberry bread

    Quick and easy, wholesome oat bread made with oat flour and coconut oil. Stir in some fresh oranges and cranberries and you have a fruity healthy oat bread bursting with flavor. It smells and tastes like cake but it’s bread ! The Gluten Free craze is steadily growing!  A lot of people who […]

Gluten-Free Cafe: Your Resource To The Best ‘No Gluten’ Recipes Evar !

Oatmeal Breakfast Cereal

  I’m continuing with the A-Z blogging challenge and have reached the letter G ! I thought I would introduce my Gluten- Free page which had over 30 fab recipes for people who need to eat Gluten Free. I launched this page a month back as  a resource for some of my clients who have celiac […]