Probiotic Friendly Kefir Smoothies


I love kefir and I have a kefir smoothie everyday.  Mmm … mangoes mixed with kefir are my absolute favorite. Kiwi, berries, bananas any fruit you like , just mix it up with kefir and get a healthy dose of probiotic power  in a super yummy drink !! Kefir a cousin of yogurt has a higher concentration of probiotic cultures  than yogurt or greek yogurt. 

For some yummy, nutritious recipes with kefir, just click  the link !  Go on ! You  won’t be disappointed !

What are you waiting for ? Click Click ! 

My  guest post on DC Ladies 😉 and your smoothies will look like these !





  1. I’m going to have to do more kefir smoothies. They look great. Do you make you own kefir? It’s so much better for you and cheaper usually : )

  2. Prebiotic a feed the probiotics as the go down the GI tract.

  3. It`s look delicious! :) super blog!

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