Banish Bloat With Foods & Natural Supplements

Banish Bloat With Foods & Natural Supplements


Ever tried to slip on your favorite pair of jeans only to find the jeans barely zip shut ? You could be  suffering from bloat ! You could be retaining fluids or have excess gas because of something you ate, or you could be constipated. Every time  I go on vacation I get back bloated with all that salty ” vacation food ”  which I wouldn’t trade anyway. Take a break on vacations and indulge a bit is my policy !  It takes me a few days to get back because luckily, there are many ways to banish bloat.  Food wise :  drinking fluids and steering clear of sugar – free foods, salty foods and fermented foods help. There are also foods that help beat bloat by helping with digestion and ridding the body of extra fluids.  Ditch the diuretic pills and try these foods.  The fastest  spot you can see a difference is in your belly ! You can  maybe even reveal an ab or two in just a couple of days 🙂   It’s not  a bad idea to eat these foods on a regular basis to keep bloat at bay !! 

Check out the cool slide show to see what foods these are ! This is my first time putting together a slide show for a post.  Would appreciate any feedback on it ! 


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9 thoughts on “Banish Bloat With Foods & Natural Supplements”

  • Great list ! Gonna get me some celery & watermelon ! Have put on some serious bloat wt after my cruise 🙂 Thanks Sue ! Oh and love the slide show ! Looks soooo professional !!!!!!

    • Thanks! I know you juice so make sure you juice the white part of the melon 🙂 More diuretic power ! So jay you went on a cruise !

  • Rocking slide show ? Is that a plug in ? Pretty cool ! It goes by too quickly though to read the stuff I mean ! Hint ! High tech stuff ! Good post too. Use the cran water reg & NO bloat !

    • Thanks ! Yep a plugin called v slide which is easy to use. May do some more now that I learned it. Took me awhile though ! Oh that spacing, trying to figure that out & have more time between each slide ! Working out the kinks 🙂 Cran water is the best ! Use it too.

  • Need this list ! I have bloat ! mine is mainly gas. Thinking papaya & artichoke extract. What you think about papaya pills ?

    • Glad you found the list useful ! Papaya pills are good too. Very good for digestion. Have taken those before ! Never tried artichoke, but hear it’s great !

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