Say Good Night To Insomnia With Natural Foods


Are you an Insomniac ? Join the club!  According to the National Institute of Sleeping Disorders, eight out of 10 people have suffered from insomnia at some point in time. I became an insomniac a few years back and found some natural ways to combat it. Not through pills although I do occasionally take melatonin once in a while. To read my story about how  I developed insomnia and the foods I used and still continue to use to fight it,  hop on over to Clinical Posters! I ‘m guest posting there! This site is a great resource guide for health issues and they have a nice assortment of healthy recipes. You should totally visit the site .

Go on … check out my post titled : Foods That Put Insomniacs To Sleep!  You won’t be disappointed:) You may get sleepy though :)!!



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  1. Great info! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve visited the site. they have a lot of useful posting. I’ll be sure to check the updates there frequently 🙂

  3. I needed this. I’m on pills right now to sleep. It’s a pain in the butt to suffer from insomnia.

    • Sunithi Selvaraj, RD says:

      Know the feeling ! Horrible insomniac “me” but better now than before 🙂 Hope some of this stuff helps you too !

  4. an insomnia cure is simple such as stop drinking caffeine or alcohol at least an hour before going to bed, or not taking a long nap in the afternoon. This supplement can also help to get rid of insomnia.

  5. The traditional glass of hot milk is a great help. While just the ritual of preparing the drink sends a signal to your brain that it’s time to sleep, milk contains calcium that can help overcome sleeplessness. There are natural foods and drinks that can help you get a good night’s rest. I just wanna share this site this might help you with your problem.

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