Home-Made Fruit Veggie Wash That Costs Cents To Make!


DIY FruitVeggie Spray

All Natural Homemade Fruit Veggie Wash!

Do you need a fruit/veggie wash? If you’re purchasing all organic produce, probably not, but if you buy most fruits and veggies from a super market you could use a fruit/veggie spray. The spray/ wash effectively take off pesticide and fertilizer residue making the produce safer for consumption. To get my home-made Fruit Veggie Wash recipe head on over to the DC ladies and read my post titled ” How do you wash your fruits and veggies ?”  !!  Don’t miss it ! It can save you a lot of money and it’s an all natural wash made with ingredients in your kitchen.  Check it out !!

I am pleased to be guest posting over at the DC Ladies ! It’s a great website for everything from fun, fashionable, family related and just plain fabulous ! You may want to check it out !

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  1. Its a nice habit to wash the veggie and fruits when you take these at home due heavy pesticides these are dangerous to eat directly.

  2. Wow! I really am craving for this now! It looks really yummy and delicious! I will definitely try this at home! Very good for vegetarians too.

  3. I didn’t realize that a veggie wash will remove the pesticides from veggies. Buying 100% organic is difficult on a budget. Great post.

  4. wow.. it’s easy to use..
    mine is liquid so I should mix it with water first, not like this one that just spray … 🙂

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