Sparkling Light Kiwi Apple Ginger Lemonade

Apple Kiwi Lemonade

  I love to mix flavors & make crazy concoctions. I think I even confess to that on my Twitter Avi. My family thinks it’s totally crazy to mix diet coke and grape juice but I think it tastes great ! Occasionally when I mix flavors I get Β approval from my family ( they actually […]

Is LEMONADE Healthy ? Recipes for Healthy Low Calorie Lemonade

Pitcher of cool lemonade with glass on table

    I was pondering my options on blogging the letter L for the A-Z blogging challenge and my husband walked in with a double pack of Costco lemonade. My kids dived into it as did the grown ups. What’s not to love about a cool glass of fresh lemonade ? It’s the most refreshing […]