Wild Raisin Nut Rice Pilaf With Olive Oil Butter & Sea Salt #SundaySupper



My Sunday Supper team is testing out a great new product. LAND O LAKES® has come out with brand new butter infused with olive oil and sea salt.  What a combination !! The group’s theme this week is Simple and Fresh Summer Recipes . As a team we all received coupons to get  free butter and have all come up with foodie creations using the new LAND O LAKES® Butter with Olive Oil & Sea Salt .  I usually shy away from using too much butter, but a butter infused with olive oil …  ooh who can resist ? I made a buttery wild rice pilaf which tasted simply ‘ melt in mouth like butter’  delish! I call it “wild” because it’s a wild  blend of 4 kinds of raisins.  There’s golden, black, red and flame raisins ! This is the jumbo raisin medley pack from Trader Joe’s, but you can use any raisin mix you want. You can also use a  mix of raisins, dried cranberries or other dry fruit. I used cashew nuts, but any kind of nut is good. Be creative and use your favorite fruit nut combo. There’s butter all over this recipe, but it’s olive oil butter,  so eat up !! It’s super simple to make.  It’s super simple to make. Long grain basmati rice is cooked with a little cumin and butter. Wild raisins, nuts and onion are roasted to perfection in butter and mixed into the rice. The end result is a delicately flavored fruit nut rice pilaf that is simple and fresh enough to eat at a barbecue or elegant enough to serve at a banquet.  Hmmm.. Delish ! Thank you LAND O LAKES®  for creating such a delightful product !! I will be using it a lot 🙂


Ingredients ! Wholesome and Yummy !!




Hope you like this recipe ! I am so impressed with this product and want to share it with all of you.  I will be giving away one package of the Butter with Sea Salt & Olive Oil to one of you.  All you have to do is tell me about your favorite ‘Simple and Fresh Summer Recipe’  that uses butter and I will choose a winner at random and mail you a coupon for a free butter. Go ahead !!  I’m sure you have some awesome recipes 🙂


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  1. Magnolia Days says:

    This is a rice dish I know my husband would love. He usually prefers plain white rice. This one has all the additions he likes, especially the cashews. Great recipe!

  2. juanitascocina says:

    This looks amazing, Suni!!! Gorgeous pics!

  3. diabeticfoodie says:

    I don't use too much butter either but, like you, I thought a butter/olive oil combo sounded great. I love dried fruit and cashews and will definitely try this dish.

  4. mommasmeals says:

    What a great combo!! Would never have thought of this!! Great addition to #SundaySupper!

  5. Ooh Wild looking rice 🙂 Will try it. Seems simple enough! Ok, if I used butter would grill some fish with chips on grill ! Hope I win D:)

    • Thanks 🙂 It is a Wild rice ! Simple too. Let me know how it turns out. Fish & chips sound awesome … All the best. picking at random 🙂

  6. Lovely ! Love this ! Must try that butter.. maybe I can win it 🙂 I would make healthy banana bread !

  7. BEAUTIFUL !!!! Pic is awesome !Want some ! Eaten this at a middle eastern restaurant. Had no idea it was so simple. My fav summer butter dish is corn on cob with butter !

  8. Sue, this dish looks amazing, and your photos are beautiful. You rock!

  9. Sounds so yummy Sue !!Might try it out your recipe this weekend ……love the cashew and raisin for every bite!


    Wanna bake bake bake…try to bake a Date and Walnut Loaf with this special butter!:)

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