Help Yourself to my Nutrition DIY Toolkit

Help Yourself to my Nutrition DIY Toolkit



New blog! So had to create a new DIY page.  If you like DIY projects you will love my Nutrition and Health DIY page. It is my creative resource guide to all the nuts and bolts of Nutrition. Whether you want to check your  Body Mass Index (BMI), see how many calories your favorite activity makes you burn or just simply check the Nutrition Facts Labels (NFL) on your favorite healthy or “not so healthy” foods, you can just click the link on my DIY page. I am sharing with you a few of my favorite links. For more links, check my DIY page.

Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a relationship between weight and height that is associated with body fat and health risk. BMI correlates with the amount of body fat.


Calculate Your  Daily Energy Requirement  (DER) calorie energy needs

 Depending on your activity level, you can calculate your energy requirements. Makes it easier to plan your calorie intake.


Calculate calories burnt doing your favorite activity

 Like to work the treadmill, swim your self out or take out all your stress on the tennis court? See just how many calories your favorite activity burns.


Visual gallery of calories of different foods

This is one of my personal favorites. Thinking strawberries or cupcake  for a nice snack?  Check into the gallery and see a visual picture of how many calories are in it.  A picture can speak a million words and in this gallery it can.

Calculate Nutrient information for common foods that you eat

 If you want to go a step further than just finding out calorie facts, this link is for you. You can find out key nutrients like Protein, Fat, Sodium, Calcium, Fiber by just plugging the food item in. Really cool Nutrition Facts labels (NFL) for all common foods.

If you want to check out more links visit my DIY page

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