Nuts for Nuts ! A Cure for Chocolate ?

Nuts for Nuts ! A Cure for Chocolate ?

Confessions of a Chocoholic and finding a Crave Cure :

A bite of rich, sweet chocolate melting in your mouth is a sensory experience like no other. Chocolate… DARK chocolate is good for you … in moderation it seems. If you are a Chocoholic extreme like me and are still dipping into your child’s Halloween candy just because  it happens to be lying around and it seems to be calling out to you….. that can be so bad for the heart and horrible for the waistline.  I LOVE chocolate and will probable never give it up totally since that would be like giving up a Sweet Indulgence in my healthy life. I have however found a little trick to keeping my cravings at bay by tapping into a magic nutrient that tricks my brain into thinking I am eating chocolate. So now, am saving my chocolate indulgence for exotic chocolate treats like  Chocolate Ganache, Truffles, Godiva mmm…… the list can go on and on. When there is so much chocolate floating around between Halloween to Valentine’s Day  the magic nutrient can be very helpful. It is after all a nutrient that you cannot overdose on, so no harm giving it a try.

I have read in theory that the mineral Magnesium tricks you brain into thinking you are eating chocolate thereby satisfying the chocolate craving so decided to give it a shot. Stocked up on Nuts which are my favorite source of Magnesium and dipped into them every time I glimpsed or craved the chocolate candy lying around. Worked like a charm I must say because I have not eaten those teeny candy bars all week.  Nuts are high in fat, but they are the healthy fats that are good for you and nuts are so filling it’s difficult to eat more than a small handful at a time. I am nuts about nuts and will probably be dedicating an entire post to nuts. There are other foods high in magnesium that you can eat to get the same effect.

I have created a picture gallery of common foods high in magnesium, but  if you want to get into specifics click the link below.

Other benefits to consuming magnesium in the diet are:

Bone and Teeth Health – Aids in the absorption of  calcium

Detoxification – Aids in the elimination of body toxins

Energy Production – Helps body utilise energy. If you feel your energy levels are low,  check your magnesium levels and up your magnesium intake

Health Benefits in Women  – Includes relief from symptoms of menopause and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It also minimizes the risk of premature labor.

It boosts the bio-availability of vitamin B6 and cholesterol.

Helps with Insomnia and Constipation.


Since a post on chocolate is not complete without a recipe on chocolate am sharing a delicious Thanksgiving edible chocolate creation created by a very creative food blogger. Am  posting a picture of the creation that is so cute, you may not feel like eating it.  To get directions on how to make this little masterpiece you must click on the link and go to her blog.


Click here for detailed instructions on making this adorable edible chocolate turkey

Food Sources of Magnesium

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