My Veggie Tales at Sixty Second Parent

My Veggie Tales at Sixty Second Parent



This is a short and sweet post because the meat of my article is over at Sixty Second Parent . I am honoured and excited to be a  Guest Post at this great parenting site which has valuable tips on Vital Parenting Topics.  This post is based on the fact that most times, Kids and Veggies do not go together…. hence some creative suggestions for  sneaking veggies into your child’s diet. It’s not a bad idea to start early since most of a child’s Food likes and dislikes are formed in the Preschool years.  Most of the ideas in this post are from years of experimenting on my two kids who were extremely fussy eaters especially when it came to veggies.

Want some practical  tips on getting  your kid to eat more veggies ? Hop on over to the  Sixty Second Parent and read my post on  Tips for encouraging Preschoolers to eat Veggies.  Take a look at these pictures to get a sneak peek of what you may expect to find there !




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